AVTM : Amis des Villages du Tiers Monde

The Massage of Board Memberds OF AVTM

To our friends of ASHA BHAVAN CENTRE

Each year we are filled with wonder by the treasures of love deployed by the teams of ASHA BHAVAN CENTER to help the most destitute. We are therefore pleased to have been able to join the program for the rehabilitation of handicapped children through the Community Rehabilitation Centres while continuing to support the educational programs of 1100 children and to combat malnutrition. We are proud to be among the friends of ABC and to be the link between the regular donors of AVTM (greatly thanked) and ABC. Beyond the frontiers, we form a great human brotherhood, anxious not to forget any one among those who leave too often indifferent the powerful of this world.

The team of AVTM Les Amis des Villages du Tiers-Monde
August 11,17