Associazione Amici di Dominique Lapierre in Ticino

Dear Brothers and Sister,

“What a strange and beautiful world”.  When we met for the very first time during the official and unfortunately for Dominique Didi and Dada last visit to the ABC in 2011, nobody would have predicted that our destiny where so deeply interconnected.

For mysterious reasons the initial spark – we were the last to arrive, the last part of an impressive international delegation - has turned in a bright fire that now warms our heart. Your are definitely part of our life, a condition that make us feel responsible for your future and that commit us to do our best for protect your vision and your unprivileged children.

The Lapierre’s dream for the ABC is simply too important to be abandoned, forgotten or even, as some people did, to be hindered.

No doubt that you are on the right track, and that your high velocity train, as confirmed by the increasing number of national awards and official acknowledgment, is taking you very far. With your innovative spirit and your constant curiosity you are becoming a bright lighthouse in the word of disables and a solid reference for all those, parent, children, teachers, looking at a better future.

The difficulties have not yet ended but the light is now clearly and definitely visible at the very end of the long tunnel. Keep going and don’t give up. A growing number of people are willing to keep the Lapierre’s and your dream long alive.
Nobody is essential, but everibody is fundamental for the future of the humanity.

God bless you and thank you for being part of our life

Giovanni Dada and Marialuisa Didi
Associazione Amici di Dominique Lapierre in Ticino