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Why Shouldn't You Call A Disabled Child Inspirational?
13Feb 2018

Why Shouldn't You Call A Disabled Child Inspirational?

Describing a disabled person with an adjective (inspirational) may make him/her dejected at some point of time. Constant poking with such a compliment can make a child feel that he/she is special, that too in a negative way. This can make things worse. So, let’s explore the reasons why you shouldn’t you call a disabled child inspirational.
Simply because it’s insulting
Well, as a general rule calling someone inspirational is supposed to be a compliment, right? However, it can easily become insulting when it’s applied to someone with a disability. It's actually expressing the meaning that how painful it can be to maintain a disabled life.
Unintentionally, this good thing can quickly turn into a highly unfortunate implication. Using disabled people as a positive comparison to comfort yourself actually indicates that you view those with disabilities as tragically prevented from achieving anything meaningful of life.
It defines the deficiency
The problem with being called inspirational is that it attempts to define the disability. If you fixate on how inhibited the disabled people are, the emphasis shifts to annoying obstacles rather than achievements. This actually implies that success is impossible for the specific individual. You must make an approach which is really fruitful. Do not give them forceful benefits. Provide them only with what they require. Treat the children like normal and do not offer any special attention unnecessarily. Do not mention what they are lacking and treat them like your own kids.
Reduces children with disabilities to spectacle able-bodied adults
It is important to remember that children with disabilities are human beings, too. Furthermore, children in general are highly impressionable and often much more discerning than adults give them credit for. Do not invite a charitable group to entertain disabled kids. There are some amateur professionals who appear to be fawning over the kids thus, creating a favourable image. Remember, you are not doing any favour to the kids. Being pleasant and polite is your duty towards them. Hire a charitable trust only if situation requires you to or simply consider to send them in specially facilitated schools.
It infantilizes the kids with special needs
Calling a disabled child inspirational may appear patronising. You don't need to be a cheerleader for them, instead consider them to be a normal part of the society like everyone else. Too much appreciation sometimes appears insulting. This may be a tough position for a person who is not used to establishing communication with disabled kids.
The best option is to have specially trained individuals take care of the children in the best of ways.


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