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Why Remote and Rural Areas Need More Schools?
21Aug 2019

Why Remote and Rural Areas Need More Schools?

Majority of Indians are still living in villages and rural regions. A survey, known as the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), shows that more than half of the students in fifth-grade can’t  read a second-grade text book and also they are unable to solve mathematical problems. There are many factors behind of this improper education systems that include lack of better faculty, lack of schools, poverty, personal values, divergent thinking and more. Many rural villages in India have not any school which means, students of those villages need to go to another village for their education. Owing to this many parents don’t send their girls to these schools. To develop rural education in India, more schools with good infrastructures and better faculties are essential. 
Lack of better faculty
A good teaching faculty is highly essential to run a school efficiently. However, due to unavailability of proper and inexperienced teachers the entire education system is highly suffering.
However, unavailability of teachers is not everything, there are several factors are responsible for the improper education system. In rural areas in India, many schools are running without proper faculty. Surprisingly, only one or two non teaching staffs are teaching the students in these rural schools. So, this problem should be solved by employing professional teachers in these rural schools.
Proximity to Schools
Many villages or rural areas in India, do not have any school. Due to this reason, students go to another village for education. Sometimes, they travel long distances to reach another village.
Poverty is another main problem for the whole nation. It makes the education system imbalanced. New schools charges some educational fees from the students but due to poverty, their parents are unable to pay those fees for their children.
Personal Values
Values play a major part in shaping interest and preference of someone. While some portion of rural population have started to realize the necessity of education but some people still find practical knowledge of everyday tasks more essential than education. Proper education is not only based on theoretical knowledge but also it can be applied for personal development.
Divergent Thinking
Not only rural schools are suffering from poor educational system but also many schools in urban areas are facing the same issue. Due to old syllabus and lack of  curriculum activities students are losing their interest in education. To fix this issue, many schools should start some mainstream courses, co-curricular activities and other courses.
So, schools and professional teachers are highly essential for rural education. Lack of good teachers and poor infrastructure never enhance the education system.


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