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Why Is the Indian Society Still Insensitive to PWDs?
12Jun 2019

Why Is the Indian Society Still Insensitive to PWDs?

When we address any normal person,‭ ‬we generally use the name of the person.‭ ‬We don't call him/her by stating his/her's quality.‭ ‬But when we address a person with disability,‭ ‬we refer that person by the disability and not by the name.‭ ‬These disability terms that are in use in Indian society show a regressive thinking towards the persons with disabilities.‭ ‬When PWDs are recognised in the society by their disabilities,‭ ‬it hinders their psychological well being and social engagement.‭ ‬The persons with disabilities should be identified for who they are.‭ ‬Their disability shouldn't be defining them.‭ 
PWDs are unable to provide financial support to their family
In rural society where work is mostly labour intensive,‭ ‬the ones having physical problems,‭ ‬visual impairment and restricted movements are also unable to do any kind of farm work.‭ ‬All these mean that the persons with disabilities are unable to contribute‭  ‬economically to their household.‭ ‬When a family feeds‭ & ‬cares for a person who doesn't have any income,‭ ‬that person becomes the object of contempt.‭ ‬Actually,‭ ‬in our society there is no scope to make a PwD economically independent.‭ ‬The person who has severe to profound level of disabilities he/she is unable to economically contribute.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬we(society‭) ‬need to create the opportunity.‭ 
Lack of societal cognizance‭ 
The Indian society is still not aware of the PWDs‭ & ‬the institutional infrastructure,‭ ‬which is not at all PWD friendly.‭ ‬Because of this social structure,‭ ‬the people lack knowledge as to how to communicate with the persons with disabilities and tackle situations that relate to them.‭ ‬Moreover,‭ ‬preconceived conceptions about disability‭ & ‬its relation with religious faith have a big role.‭ ‬Even today,‭ ‬people consider the disability of the PWDs as the consequence of karma‭ & ‬misdeeds of their past life.‭ 
A lot of families even confine their children with disabilities to house as PWDs are considered not only to be a stigma but also an ill reputation of the family.‭ ‬The result is restrictions in interactions of the PWDs with the other members of the society at an early age.‭ ‬Apart from that,‭ ‬the schools are also not PWD friendly for which a lot of Indian organisations for persons with disability‭ ‬run special schools for children with disabilities and have specially trained teachers for the purpose.‭ 
Each and every person should be sensitised on PWDs as well as their requirements.‭ ‬The Indian society must be made aware that the persons with disability shouldn't be seen as persons who need pity.‭ ‬They need to be accepted in the society for who they are and what they have.‭ ‬Notwithstanding the Government laws,‭ ‬there should be a concerted effort so that people all over Indian recognise the rights of these persons with disabilities.‭ 


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