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What the NGOs Have Done For to Empower the People with Disabilities in India?
04Sep 2020

What the NGOs Have Done For to Empower the People with Disabilities in India?

In the first place, let us be clear with the term "disability".  A disability could be cognitive, physical, sensory, mental, emotion, and even combined form of all these - a person might be born with these disabilities or he/she might undergo the situation because of the accidents. WHO has defined Disabilities as an umbrella term wherein the impairments, active participation restrictions, and activity limitations are covered. So, disability is the limitation in one's ability to continue with an occupation due to mental or physical impairment.
NGO Coming to the Rescue of the People with Disabilities
Since disability is considered as a development issue, so the disabled people are at risk of being kept at bay from the mainstream social and economic opportunities. But like every problem having a solution, the specified NGO takes over the disability matter. Such people gain attention from scientific and medical features - the NGOs have been beside the disabled people for long. 
Services Done for the Disabled People 
The NGOs for people with disabilities have come as a great relief by providing great deal services to disabled youngsters and adults, along with their families. Appointed carers focus on case management and therapy for behavior support along with early childhood services to the children between 0 to 6 years.
Additionally, the families are given the freedom to access the respite care that includes host family, in-home and center-based services, counseling services, and education support groups.  
The youngsters benefit from services like day programs, education, training, and employment services. NGO officials provide information, support, and services to the disabled children and their families - guiding them to make informed decisions.  They perform the role of promoting and protecting children's rights and interests.
Why are the NGOs responsible to empower the People with Disabilities?
NGOs are dependent on bodies for the much-needed change and development to be brought about in the society - their scale and diversity remarkably varies. The motives that have led them to the doors of success are:
Promoting non-profit seeking objectives of the disabled groups
Focussing on the programs and activities to provide empowerment and relief to the disabled and disadvantaged people.
Organizing activities to relieve the suffering and promoting the interest of the poor section of the society.
Organizing and executing community development programs to select the functional areas and gain membership apart from the regional confines
Taking the advantages of operational freedom in making decisions and not being controlled by the government.
Self-reliant with respect to the resources to pursue social programs. 
Exhibiting highest commitment degree to organize social service and involving the community in it.
A big gap prevails in between the service needs in education, training, vocational training, and employment for disabled people. At the same time, the NGOs have even taken up greater responsibilities to provide financial assistance and necessary services to the disabled section. The NGOs are financially assisted by the central Government and sometimes by the State Government and they utilize the fund for the better


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