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What Goes Into Making A Good CBR Program?
05Jun 2018

What Goes Into Making A Good CBR Program?

The fundamental idea innate in the multi-sectoral way to deal with community based rehabilitation (CBR) is the decentralization of resources and responsibilities, both financial & human, to group level associations. Both NGOs and government institutions must help group activities and associations. The formulation and execution of any CBR program ought be based around these criteria: 
  • PWDs (persons with disabilities) must be incorporated into CBR programs at all stages and levels, including the initial project plan and execution. To offer noteworthiness to their inclusion, they should have particular decision-making roles.
  • The essential goal of a CBR program actions is the enhancement of PWDs socially, so that they can expect a good quality life and take part in opportunities to improve themselves. 
  • One primary objective of any CBR program actions is working with the group to make optimistic attitudes towards individuals with disabilities and to inspire members of the community to help and take an interest in CBR tasks.
  • Another objective of CBR programs is offering help for individuals with all kinds of disabilities (physical, mental, psychological and sensory).
  • All the activities of a CBR program must be delicate to the circumstance of women & girls. This is on account of in numerous communities, females are not treated well. When they are differently abled, their issues become even severe.
  • CBR programs must be resilient so they can work at local levels and inside the setting of regional conditions. There ought not be just a single model of CBR in light of the fact that diverse social and monetary settings and distinctive needs of individual groups will require distinctive arrangements. Adaptable, local projects will guarantee group inclusion and result in an assortment of program models which are suitable for various places. 
  • CBR programs must arrange for delivery of services at local level. The community members don’t always comprehend the diverse parts and specializations which are part of giving help to PWDs. They tend to just see the disability problem and only want the access to a single window for aid. They may concentrate just on where to go and who to see about a particular "issue", instead of understanding the totality of what constitutes a satisfying life for any community member with disability.
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