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Ways To Improve The Education System In India
05Feb 2020

Ways To Improve The Education System In India

A diverse range of things matters in improving the Indian education system. India is a developing country but still, it has lots of challenges & education is one of them. So, who will take the responsibility to develop the education system of this country? As the citizens of India, we have to take responsibilities. This blog throws light at 4 effective ways to improve the education system of this country.

Rural education

It is very unfortunate to us that the education system in India only focuses on the country’s urban clusters and metropolitan cities. When it comes to the development of the education system, rural areas of this country is always ignored. There are very few learning centers and schools are found in the rural areas. So, improving the rural education is highly essential in India. It is one of major ways to develop the Indian education system. More schools, learning centers, libraries need to be developed. More teachers and staff need to involved and the ways of teaching need to be changed.

Skill-based learning

With today’s social-media oriented and tech-savvy generation, there is a need for skill-based education. It has a number of advantages. Skill-based learning always helps to keep the students very focused and engaged in their education. The concept of skill-based learning holds a large significance in determining the future of Indian education. Nowadays, most of the universities, schools, and colleges are preferring knowledge-oriented and skill-based learning. In this way, the ability of a student in a particular field can be developed.

Teacher training

This country has a number of dedicated and good teachers but the saddest thing is that they always get very little training to teach. However, teacher training is another key of improving the education system of India. Proper training does not only explain that the teachers are updated with the changes of time but it also develops the country’s education system. Well-trained and skilled teachers can teach the students in a proper manner.


Last but not the least, infrastructure plays a vital role in improving the Indian education system. However, most of the education sectors in urban and rural India suffers from poor infrastructure. Many government schools and colleges do not have proper classrooms, tables, chairs, laboratories, libraries, playgrounds, staff rooms, etc. Apart from that, education sectors need to be well-organised and cleaned. Government should also take the initiative to improve the infrastructure of these education sectors.

So, these are the 4 effective ways to improve the education system in India. Good education always depends upon these major factors. Rural education, skill-based learning, teacher training, and infrastructure need to be focused.


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