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Viewing The World Through The Eyes Of An Autistic Child
12Dec 2017

Viewing The World Through The Eyes Of An Autistic Child

Autism (autism spectrum disorder or ASD) can be best defined as a variety of conditions which are specifically characterised by several impedances with repetitive behaviour, social skills, communication, along with unique differences and strengths.

In India, there are plenty of children suffering from autism. Often due to poor knowledge about ASD, people fail to understand the perception of the world by an autistic child.
Out-of-whack senses
For a child suffering from autism, ordinary views, audios, tastes, odours and sensations can seem magnified. Their senses can be hypersensitive, enabling them to pick up everything around them more accurately than normal. Sounds excellent, right? Not really, because processing so much of anything and everything is not something that their brain can handle.
More visually oriented
Autistic children are visual interpreters, they understand something far better when it is shown to them, rather than mere verbal instructions. Spoken words are hard for them to grasp, and it becomes difficult for them to learn anything that’s communicated orally.
Socially awkward
Although this is the first phrase that would come to mind when talking about the behaviour of an autistic child in the society, that’s not actually what the problem is. At times, they do want to interact with other kids, they just don’t know how to initiate a conversation. They have an extremely tough time comprehending body language, emotions and facial expressions.
Emotionally & physically taxing meltdowns
Meltdowns for autistic children can take a serious toll on their mind and body. They generally occur when they have been pushed past the limit of their social abilities. It is important to understand that everything that they do is a type of communication. Keeping a note of these things can very well help to prevent the meltdowns.
Distinctive communication
Most autistic children don’t exactly know how to portray their feelings to people around them. They can be frightened, perplexed, annoyed or just hungry, but won’t be able to use the right words for expressing the same. It is important to observe their body signs, expressions, agitation or withdrawals. Doing so often helps to understand if something is not right.
There are many ways to understand an autistic kid’s perception of the world, and to be aware of those ways, one must get professional help if necessary. For instance, many NGOs for disabilities in India now offer advice as well as treatment for autism. Understanding ASD and spreading awareness about it are the keys to addressing it effectively.


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