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The Role Of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs In India To Help PWDs
08Mar 2024

The Role Of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs In India To Help PWDs

Community-Based Rehabilitation is a community-driven program that is led with the vision of involving more people in society to aid people with disabilities (PWD). The initiative helps to empower the PWD by involving people. In this initiative, a multi-level technique is used which may involve both governmental and non-governmental organisations. They provide varied assistance and training facilities, which include vocational training, educational classes, health care services and other such services. Through these initiatives, the Community-Based Rehabilitation program in India has successfully helped the PWDs to make positive changes in their lives. Here’s how the Community-Based Rehabilitation program has made an impressionable change in society:

Inclusive Ambience:

The inclusive ambience created by people in the Community-Based Rehabilitation program in India helps to create an inclusive ambience. Here, people with all spectrum of disability are welcomed. This helps PWDs in their psychological development. Since the behavioural pattern of a person can depend on the kind of behaviour they have received in the formative years, this makes the role of the Community-Based Rehabilitation program in India even more prevalent.

Assistance Which One May Receive:

In the Community-Based Rehabilitation program organised in India, one may receive more assistance. This may include sensory, psychological, physical and emotional support. This kind of program helps PWDs to acquire the knowledge and skills to lead a normal life. This helps to improve the life of PWDs.


One of the key characteristics of Community-Based Rehabilitation in India is its adaptability. States and districts have quite different socioeconomic histories. This diversity is too much for one Community-Based Rehabilitation project in India to handle. For smooth implementation, a flexible model is more adaptable than a rigid one. Community participation is always ensured via an adaptable Community-Based Rehabilitation program. For this reason, flexibility is essential to Community-Based Rehabilitation.

Participation of People With Disabilities:

Disability inclusion across all levels and phases of the Community-based Rehabilitation program in India, including the program's launch and execution. People with disabilities in the community need to be involved in key decision-making roles to enhance their involvement.

These are some of the ways the Community-Based Rehabilitation program helps to improve the lives of PWDs through their initiatives. The participation of people in these kinds of programs helps to improve the quality of life for the PWDs. These kinds of programs help to start a rippling effect on the lives of people. 


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