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The Culture Of Disability And Violence In India
29Mar 2018

The Culture Of Disability And Violence In India

In the pages of history, violence has been one of the major causes of disability. The final result concludes in two different ways: victory and loss, pride and humiliation, but one point that we often oversee is able-bodiness and disability. Now, for the disabled people, the war continues for the rest of their life. The difference is, they used to fight against a country or terrorism and after getting afflicted with a physical inability, they are doing the same against the entire society as well as some specific people who don't understand the meaning of disability.
Thus, the fight goes on but in a different way. There are some people who misguide or show ill-behaviour towards a disabled person. However, there are some who try to be too friendly and showcase the inabilities appropriately. As a result, they become victims of widespread violence and misbehaviour. At every step of life, they are being judged for their impairment. 
The process of characterization
It depends on how people react to specific disabled persons. Some simply love to exploit them due to their limited physical abilities and societal prejudice. Such behaviours are not expected from a society where modern and educated people live. However, war is not the only cause of disability, there are some people who are born with such inabilities. The situation remains the same in this case. Also, a child can be disabled if the symptoms of imbalances remains in the gene. Whatever be the cause, it seems that having disability is a crime.
The after effects
As the disabled people are seen in a different way, it has a major impact both on their professional and personal life. Thus, discrimination itself is a kind of violence that can ruin the life of special needs people.
There are various Indian organizations for persons with disability that offer a unique platform to these people and help a lot to establish their life. Such organizations also play an important role in their professional life. This means it's a great move to reduce the rate of unemployment for disabled people. It has been seen that the representation of such people in different sectors of economy is too low. In most cases, the employers deny a job as they fear that such employees won't be able to complete the task efficiently, without providing even a single chance.
Remember, people with special needs are jewels in our society and thus, their positive qualities must be prioritized.
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