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Key Component of India's Community-based Rehabilitation Program Paving Way For Its Success
19Jul 2022

Key Component of India's Community-based Rehabilitation Program Paving Way For Its Success

Community-based rehabilitation is a community-development strategy utilised in India to increase the opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities. This initiative employs multi-level techniques that involve both governmental and non-governmental organisations. The primary goal of the community-based rehabilitation programme is to provide extensive assistance and care to persons with disabilities in the community. This programme is carried out by Community-based Rehabilitation members, person with disability, and their families. The Community Based Rehabilitation programme in India aims to provide persons with disabilities in the community with vocational training, proper education, health care services, and other societal necessities. Here, we will go through the primary components of India's community-based rehabilitation programme that are paving way for its success.

Participation of people with disabilities at all levels

Inclusion of persons with disability in all levels and stages of the Community-based rehabilitation programme in India, including the start-up and implementation phases. To add value to their engagement, people with disabilities in the community must have core decision-making duties.

Assisting people with disabilities

Person with disability who require special assistance, such as sensory, mental, psychological, or physical support, should seek guidance and support from Community-based rehabilitation members. Furthermore, members of the community-based rehabilitation in India must also provide special care and help to seniors, persons with epilepsy, and those with leprosy.


One of the key components of community-based rehabilitation in India is its ability to adapt to change. From states to states, districts to districts the socio-economic backdrop changes a lot. This diversification can not be addressed by a single model of community-based rehabilitation in India. For its smooth adoption, a flexible model is more adaptable than a rigid one. Community participation is always ensured in adaptable Community-based rehabilitation programmes. As a result, flexibility is required for community-based rehabilitation.

Creation of Friendly Ambience:

Another important purpose of community-based rehabilitation programmes in India is to promote a positive attitude toward people with disabilities. Community members should be encouraged to assist and encourage people with disabilities to engage in Community-based rehabilitation activities.

The goal of community-based rehabilitation programmes in India is to enhance the lives of disabled persons in their communities. Community-based rehabilitation programmes are particularly significant in India. Community-based Rehabilitation programmes can be multi-sectoral, incorporating both non-governmental and governmental organisations.


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