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It's Time To Shift The Perspective For People With Disabilities
15Mar 2018

It's Time To Shift The Perspective For People With Disabilities

How do you feel if someone disrespects or disparages you? Obviously, it's a situation that you want to avoid. But this case is common for people with disabilities who often experience shame, ridicule, isolation, disgrace, and rejection. Because sadly, there are some illiterates who don't know how to behave properly with people with special needs. 
A common concept that is often overlooked is, every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. If the weaknesses are focused upon rather than the strength, the person becomes disabled logically. This means even a person with special needs too has some strengths, despite of their impairment. Evaluation of this simple concept can help minimise the disrespectful cases taking place with disabled people. Indian organisations for persons with disabilities keep spreading awareness among people in various ways to prevent such misconceptions.
How will you feel if someone tells you to take control of what you don't have? And for that same reason, when you're tagged with disability? The same thing happens to people who are impaired in some way. People often see them as victims rather individuals with potentials.
So, what should you do?
As per the professionals, you must never use words like “handicapped” and “slow,” for people with disabilities. Disability is not his/her identity. In fact, these types of people can do something which is out of the reach for nondisabled people. People with disabilities can do things that non-disabled people might not be familiar with. A very common example is Stephen Hawking who is one of the most renowned theoretical physicists. Thus, individuals with disabilities too are capable of showing skills to complete a project or assignment. When they start performing, the world of nondisabled people often fall behind. 
Moreover, it is the disability that helps them to turn it into their greatest strength. Some people prefer being nice and appear too friendly considering the disability. This actually creates a negative impact on them which is done in an unintentional manner. The same story keeps repeating all over and thus, people with disabilities are harassed mentally on a regular basis. 
What should parents do?
Even in some cases, it has been seen that parents boycott their children who are suffering from any kind of disability. They must know that is actually a crime. Thus, parents should consider to send them to schools that properly takes care of people having special needs. As a responsible parent, you must never perceive him/her as different from others.
There are various NGO groups and schools that look after PWDs and CWDs and help them to handle adverse behaviour from the society while still being happy.


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