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Indian organizations for disabilities: Major activities & importance
25Jun 2021

Indian organizations for disabilities: Major activities & importance

Indian organizations for disabilities are non-governmental & non-profit organizations that provide support & pursue several social activities to the underprivileged persons with disabilities across the nation. These Indian organizations for persons with disability mainly aim to deliver social, educational, health care & vocational training services to PWDs to make their life better. Moreover, these organizations never take any support, whether it's financial or non-financial, from the government. In this blog, we will share major facts about the Indian organizations for disabilities.
Activities are undertaken by the organizations for disabilities:
We have already declared above, the organizations for disabilities in India pursue several social activities for persons with disabilities, especially for women and children within the community. Let's have a look at some major activities taken by those organizations.
Analysis, advocacy & awareness:
Every organization for disabilities believes in 3A policies. They include analysis, advocacy and awareness. These organizations mainly analyze & research the issues suffered by people with disabilities & then they raise awareness by pursuing a number of activities. The members of those organizations mainly work as representatives of PWDs within the community.
Brokerage: Indian organizations for disabilities act as the intermediary between a number of sectors & groups within the society. 
Conflict resolution: Conflict resolution is another essential activity of those organizations for disabilities. They mainly act as a mediator as well as the facilitator.
Capacity building: Last but not the least, capacity building is another major activity of the Indian organizations for disabilities. These organizations give proper education, training, information & other essential things to develop the mental health of PWDs.
Apart from these activities, the Indian organizations for disabilities also provide a number of services to grow up a good society. Evaluation, monitoring & analysis are included in these social activities.
Importance of Indian organizations for disabilities:
The importance of non-profit Indian organizations for disabilities is huge. They play a major role in developing human attention to societal problems & issues. They enhance the different types of social activities by involving people at the local level. Indian organizations for disabilities foster pluralism, freedom and diversity. They are working harder to preserve & promote the cultural diversity of India. 
The necessity of Indian organizations for people with disabilities is enormous. They are committed to providing huge support & better health care services to underprivileged people with disabilities (mainly women & children). These organizations always take several initiatives to implement their projects and activities successfully.


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