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Importance Of Teacher Training For Rural Education in India
24Dec 2020

Importance Of Teacher Training For Rural Education in India

The Coronavirus pandemic has badly disrupted the entire educational system of India. When it comes to the rural education system, it was also affected badly. Generally, as compared to urban schools, rural education & rural schools in India are always neglected by the teachers as well as the Government. There are several reasons responsible for this negligence. In this scenario, we should take an initiative for resolving the problem for our nation's future. Proper teacher training modules can enable the teachers & teaching staff to fix all kinds of challenges in rural schools. Let's take a closer look at the importance of teacher training programme for a rural school future in India.
Continuous development
Continuous development or continuous professional development (CPD) may enable the teachers & rural educators to stay updated on the latest teaching methods, techniques & skill development to map academic progress & student learning. CPD can refine the teacher's skills & provide a result-oriented education to the students. Apart from that, continuous professional development or CPD can also enable the teaching staff to update and track their assessment and teaching methods & to explore the latest teaching processes like extra curricular modules, webinars, skill development workshops, academics events, etc.
Positive & friendly learning environment
Another importance of a teacher training programme is that it helps to create a positive & friendly learning environment. This environment can give the teachers a space for exploring their innovative teaching skills to the students. Apart from that, the friendly learning environment in a rural school can enable the teachers & teaching staff to encourage their students towards smart & productive learning. So, basically, the positive & friendly learning environment always guarantees good & efficient performance from the students & teachers alike.
Academic performance & skill development
The teacher training programme can help skill development & enhance academic performance. A proper assessment tool is able to simplify the roles and responsibilities of teachers. This is a support system delivering conclusive & timely analysis that can improve the overall academic performance of rural education. Moreover, it helps in skill development effectively.
Uplifting social norms
The rural education system of India is not similar to urban education. It faces a number of challenges related to transportation, teacher employment, social rights, casteism, infrastructure, etc. Teacher training programme & assessment tools do not only provide the basic education but it also helps to build awareness towards those challenges.
So, it is concluded that the importance of teacher training programme is huge. It gives a new way to upgrade rural education system in India.


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