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How to treat a child with special needs?
20Aug 2019

How to treat a child with special needs?

It is really unfortunate that, great number of Children with Disabilities (CWD) are poorly treated by their parents. This is actually happened because many parents do not know to how to treat their special child in different situations. Proper understanding, encouraging, friendly relationships, love are mostly required to treat them.
As a  NGO for disabilities in India, we will show how to treat treat your kids with special needs. 
Show them understanding and patience when they struggle
Give them more time to make transitions and follow directions. Many activities and tasks can be tough for some children with disabilities. You need to keep patience to understand when they are in trouble. Assume what they are trying to say.  
Treat their disability as natural
Your kid or child may be insecure about the disability. In that case, you need to treat your child in a natural way. 
Encourage the friendships with both non-disabled and disabled kids
A good friendship can surely remove all kinds of insecurity of their disability. If your special child has a non-disabled friend then you should always encourage their friendship. 
Encourage decision making and independence
This is another great way to treat your special kids. You should always give them a chance to make some decisions and give some responsibilities. Conveyance them what are the difference between good  and bad. 
Don’t try to force them
Never try to force your kids to do something which is beyond their physical abilities. You should always consider their physical abilities. If your child do not want to do any particular task then never force them to do it. Try to understand that why they do not want to involve it. 
Give proper support
Your special kid and child always need your support. You should always make them happy by giving support in every situation. Proper support helps a lot to treat their disabilities. You have to encourage their talent and cheer them when they do some activities like sports. 
Being friendly to Children with Disabilities is the best way treat them and also you need to understand their needs. Love them, support them in their activities always.  


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