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How To Deal With Cerebral Palsy Effectively?
30Nov 2018

How To Deal With Cerebral Palsy Effectively?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder which affects one’s body posture, movement or muscle tone, and it causes due to the immature developing brain, most often before birth. Signs and symptoms can be seen in the early years. Though the abnormalities or brain injuries develop within a child within the first few years of life, most of the children with the disorder now live full and long lives. What can you do to manage the disorder, especially if you are an older adult dealing with other challenges that occur with the ageing process? If you want to heal yourself and want to manage the disorder all by yourself, then the following guideline is for you. The following guideline will illustrate how to deal with CP disorder effectively, older adults suffering from the same can be benefited by reading the guideline as well.  
However, in recent times, NGOs are coming forward to help the people to fight with cerebral palsy. In India, you can find many such NGOs for disabilities if you want you may seek support from any such NGO, contact now. 
Build a trustworthy team: Anyone who is suffering from the cerebral palsy must look for a team that will take care of their health for a long-term. Your team must include an orthopaedist, he or she will treat muscles and bone disorders, an occupational therapist must be there in the team, it will be his responsibility to develop therapies that will assist you in conducting daily activities, along with a social worker or a health provider to help you with the accessing services.
Join the support group: You can find many people who are actually hesitant to join support groups. Consult an NGO for disabilities, they will help you find a support group suitable for you. Getting support is not a weakness, it is a tool to stay healthy and live a balanced life.
Take good care of your body: Strictly follow the advice of your healthcare team about diet and exercise. It is very important to stay healthy and stay away from any illness related to old age.
Make your bones strong: According to a survey, one out of three people over the age of 65 every year, and that possess a bigger danger if you are dealing with disabilities. Consume sufficient Vitamin D, and if feasible, get strength training with light weights, in this way you can make your bone strong and can reduce the risk of bone breaks.
Make use of devices: From velcro shoes to communications devices that can be controlled with eye movement are all available in today’s market, these devices are made exclusively to make your day-to-day tasks easy.
Independent living: Many patients suffering from the disorder shows improvements when they remain independent and active in the communities. If a complete independent is not possible for you, then consider home care. A caregiver can assist you with the tasks like cooking, driving and dressing, thus you can stay comfortably at your home and get the necessary assistance you require.
In this way, you can fight with the cerebral disorder. However, if you do not like to take the stress, consider contacting an NGO, the professionals they will provide with the support you need to stay healthy and live a balanced life.


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