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How The Education System In Rural India Can Be Improved?
08Jun 2023

How The Education System In Rural India Can Be Improved?

The gap between rural and urban India exists because of the difference in facilities and services provided in the two regions. While urban areas usually get the best healthcare, transportation and education systems, rural areas often get the short end of the stick. In rural areas, facilities and services are inferior to those in urban areas. Here, we will focus on the education system, the parity between urban and rural education systems in India, and how it can improve the rural education system. Let’s start with our discussion.

Why Education Quality Differs Between Rural And Urban Areas?

In urban areas, typically two types of education systems exist together - governmental and private. Schools in urban areas, governmental or private, have better facilities in terms of infrastructure, teachers and guidance. In contrast, in rural areas, there is usually only one type of education system - government. Governmental schools often lack proper infrastructure, teachers and staff and other facilities needed in a functional school. These factors significantly affect the rural education system quality. Let’s look at what can be done to improve rural education quality.

How To Improve The Rural Education System?

The quality of the education system in rural India can be improved by working on the following aspects:


Teachers play a crucial role in imparting education, gauging interest in subjects and offering guidance. The lack of qualified teachers can prove to be a serious problem in the course of imparting education to students. This is a crucial aspect to improve the rural education system in India. 

Access To Laboratory Apparatus & Computers Laboratory:

Education is not just restricted to books and notebooks. To gain holistic knowledge, it is imperative to see it working in practical scenarios. Therefore, teaching students about science and computers without allowing them to experience them in practical scenarios will diminish the quality of their knowledge. By improving lab apparatuses and computer labs, one can improve rural education quality.


By mentioning amenities we are not talking about luxurious amenities like a swimming pool or sports arena. Instead, we are talking about basic amenities such as drinking water, electricity and other infrastructure facilities. Without adequate infrastructure, students can struggle to focus on the lessons being taught. And it will prevent rural India's education system from improving.

These are some of the many reasons to upgrade the rural education system. Investing in more qualified educators, providing access to modern technology, and increasing financial support for rural schools are just a few of the ways to improve the rural education system in India.


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