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How Quality Education System In Rural India Can Solve India’s Skillset Problem?
01Aug 2023

How Quality Education System In Rural India Can Solve India’s Skillset Problem?

India is one of the countries with a lot of potential. Human resources can help propel our country's development. However, the lack of skilled manpower is one of the biggest reasons why India still lags despite having such a high volume of human resources. One of the leading reasons this problem persists is the poor education system in rural India. Let’s look at how it impacts Indian manpower and how it can be improved.

- According to statistics, more than 70% of the Indian population lives in rural India. This is a massive amount. While the majority of these people are involved in basic industries and have an agricultural economy. However, a dearth of high-quality education holds us behind in terms of productivity. Education allows people to learn more about their sector and make better-informed decisions. This has an unintended consequence for overall output. When the quality of education in rural India is enhanced, children can grow up to be more productive members of society, helping to increase the number of qualified workers in India.

- Rural India's untapped talent pool has the potential to make a significant contribution to the country's growth. To guarantee that this enormous pool of potential is adequately utilised in the future, excellent education must be provided in rural India. As a consequence, they will learn new talents and polish their existing ones to deliver high-quality services in the future.

- When we talk about education, we don't always mean formal schooling. In addition to formal schooling, it is vital to study and nurture talents that will assist one in obtaining a suitable opportunity. Children will be better equipped to explore opportunities in the future if formal education and skill training are combined. As a result, vocational training and skill training has been integrated and prioritised in the New Educational Policy.

These are some of the reasons why India's rural education system should be improved. We can increase the bar for skilled labour in India by transforming the face of rural education. This will help the country go ahead.


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