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How NGOs Help Elevate The Condition Of PWDs?
18Mar 2024

How NGOs Help Elevate The Condition Of PWDs?

NGOs play a huge role in helping to improve the lives of people with disabilities (PWDs). The lives of PWDs are not conventional per se. They are almost cornered by everyone in society. This is why they are forced to experience life a lot differently. To bring the experience relatively closer to normal, the NGOs working for PWDs are devoting day and night to ensuring PWDs get the opportunity and access to have an enriching life experience. To shed some light on the efforts put in by NGOs for PWDs, here are some affirmative steps taken by NGOs working for PWDs:



PWDs often do not get as many educational opportunities as others. The specialised schools that can cater to their educational needs are not located in close quarters. Thus, they do not get the education that they might need. This is why NGOs working for PWDs often tend to provide specialised classes for PWDs. These classes are curated to help them grasp the knowledge that is imparted and help them understand better. 


Skill Training:

The NGOs working for PWDs do not only offer curriculum classes but also skill training. By teaching them skills, it will help them earn a livelihood in the future. When they enter the job market, they will have practical and employable skills that can help them move ahead in life. This is why NGOs working for PWDs conduct skill-based training classes for PWDs, which can help them in the future.


Job Opportunity:

NGOs working for PWDs have various networks. NGOs can help PWDs find jobs, which can help them earn a livelihood. This can significantly help them make a place for themselves in society. However, it doesn’t mean NGOs offer jobs like a portal to PWDs. More like, they help create avenues and channels that can help PWDs earn a sustainable income for themselves. 



As we have previously mentioned, PWDs are often cornered by society at large. Sometimes it is not intentional, but the treatment can feel alienating. This cornering treatment boxes them. Every human being, for healthy growth, needs social interaction; without it, the trajectory of growth is not the same. This is where the role of NGOs shines through. NGOs act as a safe space for PWDs. Here, they are welcomed with warm arms and allowed to socialise without feeling a sense of disassociation. For the healthy mental well-being of a person, it is important to find such a space, which NGOs strive to offer.


These are some of the ways NGOs help PWDs improve their quality of life. These are some of the many efforts put up by NGOs to help PWDs. These are continual efforts that need not just more work but also support from society at large. You too can help out NGOs in their noble endeavours and create rippling change in PWDs' lives.



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