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How NGOs For Disabilities In India Champions For Inclusive Society?
16Feb 2024

How NGOs For Disabilities In India Champions For Inclusive Society?

Although we humans are made up of blood, flesh, and bones at our core, at a superficial level, we are much different from one another. This difference often creates a disparity between humans, which leads to discrimination. But as the world is evolving, slowly we are moving towards a more inclusive society where people, despite their background, are treated equally. Although, in Western society, people have welcomed these changes, and we can see people from all backgrounds thriving there. However, in Indian society, creating an inclusive culture needs a bit more work. To help create such an inclusive society where even people with disabilities are welcomed.

Here, NGOs working for people with disabilities in India play a critical role. They champion the creation of such a society in the following manner:

Organise Campaign:

NGOs in India conduct several campaigns, from street to online campaigns are conducted by them. These drives and campaigns help to promote positive changes in society. They help create awareness and change the perspective of people. This helps promote small behavioural changes which can push for the creation of a more inclusive society.

Lobby For Improvement In Policies:

It is not just about individual or group efforts, even governance policies must promote similar ideas. This is why, NGOs in India who are working for people with disabilities are involved in the policy-making decision. They lobby for policy amendments that can bring affirmative changes in society in favour of people with disabilities. Policies can bring new structural and institutional changes which can help create a more inclusive society.

Sensitisation Workshops:

NGOs working for people with disabilities in India conduct several sensitisation workshops in educational institutes and corporates. Through these workshops, they aim to change the conscious and unconscious behavioural patterns towards people with disabilities. This hinders the creation of an inclusive society in our Indian society. This is why, through these sensitisation workshops NGOs help bring awareness.

These are some of the ways how NGOs are working actively towards the creation of an inclusive society. Although it is a big feat to achieve, together with the support of government and people, NGOs can help bring positive change to our society. Thus, helping create a more inclusive culture.


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