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How Much Do We Really Care About Our Elderly?
12Apr 2019

How Much Do We Really Care About Our Elderly?


Aristophanes once termed this old age as a “second childhood”.
This universal statement has etched an everlasting impression and has stayed in the minds of people even now as well probably because of the crisp truth. The elderly with their bodies beginning to give in to old age enter into a stage of second infancy. They seek for a good deal of care, emotional support. However, they don't receive the much-desired attention and care in their older days. 
With globalization taking the world by storm, there has also been an exchange of traditions amongst  several parts of the world.  The West picked up Yoga and a few elements of eastern philosophy from our side of the world. We incorporated into our lives some strands of the western way of living that brought us convenience and comfort. And while we shared habits and traditions which worked for the greater good of all, the intermixing of cultures also led to a few things which were not exactly nourishing for our society.
Why are our elderly living alone?
With capitalism, taking a good hold of our economy, the individuals staying at remote or village started migrating towards cities. This offer an upgradation in lifestyle and presented better livelihood and education opportunities. The trend has been in for quite long and promises to stay.  
When the children move out of their parental homes, it gets difficult for the parents to adjust to their absence. This sudden change takes a great toll on their lives both emotionally and physically. They start feeling lonely and later head towards an isolation stage. This dip in the emotional state is referred to as Empty Nest syndrome. It is known to affect a lot of people worldwide including elderly people. The Empty Nest Syndrome tends to invite depression in the old and also affects their physical health in the long run. 
How does the future look for our elderly
As per the Reports of the United Nations Population Fund 2017, The elderly population of India shows the sign of growing three-folds by the year 2050. This means that more than 20 percent of the country's population will be old by then. 
How can you help
One of the best ways of helping your country in taking care of its elderly population is standing by the side of the elderly who are closely attached to you. They can either be your parents, grand parents, your distant relative or just some neighbor living close by. If all of us come forward to take the responsibility for our own families & society, we are certainly going to see a great improvement. 
Another way of helping is through practicing simple acts of giving. The charitable organizations will be happy to take in any extra materials that you tend to donate. You can either donate clothes, furniture or you can just donate anything which you feel will donate the elderly. These charities are trying their best to give old people better life. Your donations will be of great assistance to them in all the good work they do. 


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