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How Homes For Children With Disabilities In India Creating A Ripple Of Change?
01Sep 2023

How Homes For Children With Disabilities In India Creating A Ripple Of Change?

One of the most vulnerable age groups of society is the age group between the years 0-14. It is because they are young, naive, innocent and impressionable. They do not have all the knowledge of the world thus they need parental guidance and safety to stay protected. Amongst the population of children, children with disabilities are even more vulnerable. Their disability renders them vulnerable. Homes for children with disabilities in India know how sensitive these children can be and thus, they extend their help to support these children. Here’s how they offer their help:

Support They Need:

Children with disabilities need support and assistance to better comprehend parts of education and other general social skills. The homes for children with disabilities in India are not only dedicated to supporting the needs of children with disabilities. These homes generally have trained and skilled educators and caregivers who understand the needs of these children and address them accordingly.

Focus On Their Overall Growth:

In India, a lot of children are born with a physical disability because of the lack of nutrition that they received as a foetus. Malnutrition in the early stages of life can also cause or worsen the physical and mental abilities of a child. This is why, homes for children with disabilities are not just focused on providing academic assistance but also ensuring these children get the nutrition they lack or need. Thus, they focus on their overall growth and not just one-dimensional growth.

Help Parents Better Take Care Of Their Wards:

When parents do not have any form of physical disability, it can be difficult for them to understand and address the need for their wards. Since homes for children with disabilities in India have a lot of experience with children with different forms of disabilities, this is why, they can help parents connect with their wards better. They can help parents understand the needs of the child better which will invariably help cater to the development of the child and foster a healthy parent-child relationship.

Try To Create A More Inclusive Society:

Since children with disabilities are often neglected by society because of preconceived prejudices and behavioural biases, homes for children with disability in India campaign against such preferential treatment. They conduct seminars, awareness campaigns, and sensitization workshops to help people better understand their struggles or sensitise their actions around them. Thus, help create a world that is more receptive towards children with disabilities and people with disabilities.

These are some of the ways homes for children with disability help create a ripple of change in the lives of children with disabilities in India. These small actions in a consistent method can help create massive change in their lives.


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