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How do the NGOs Evaluate the Needs of the People Suffering From Disabilities in India?
19Mar 2021

How do the NGOs Evaluate the Needs of the People Suffering From Disabilities in India?

People with disabilities may be in disadvantageous circumstances, but they are not devoid of particular basic needs. They ought to get their needs fulfilled to ensure the equality level is intact within society. Since they need assistance, they should not be subjected to neglects. There is no end to pointing out the examples of people suffering from disability situations. For their overall welfare, the NGOs have come forward to extend their hands and create a better world for the people with disabilities in India, so they are able to come to the forefront of society.To ensure equal distribution of resources, the NGOs take up certain evaluating steps for the people with disabilities in India.

1. Modern Innovations –

With the help of the technologies and modern science, the homes of disabled people can be modified for them to be at comfort in their homes.
2. Assisting Technologies –
Thanks to the advancements in modern science, people with hearing impair can now have hearing aids. Often the NGOs are known to conduct special sign language classes for the deaf and mute students and people so they can understand the languages well and communicate with others. The Braille system has been of great help to the visually impaired. Through these aiding technologies, the NGO executives can meet the basic needs of people with disabilities.
3. Personal Support –
All that the NGO staff can do is they lend out financial support to the people with disabilities so that their dreams to achieve a position are not unfulfilled.
4. Inclusive Training and Education –
Adaptive technologies are ideal for kids suffering from disabilities. Braille helps students with impaired vision with their studies. The kids affected with psychological and intellectual disabilities can study with the help of special books and special teaching systems. The NGOs take up the initiative for helping these kids so they can have the opportunity to be educated.
5. Sufficient Income –
NGOs provide vocational training to people with disabilities for them to work with ease using computers, laptops, mobile phones, electronic devices, and even stitching. Using these training, they can get themselves employed for earning.
6. Accessibility to Appropriate Information 
Just like able people, the differently-abled people should have complete accessibility to information, like the Internet and books. Thus, the NGOs can take up the initiatives to maintain a book bank and computer centers allowing these people to use them for free.
7. Counseling –
Advanced life is even a must for people with disabilities. Taking up certain projects, most staffs uphold sessions to talk to the people with disabilities and encourage them to share their difficulties and thus find out a solution.
From the entire discussion, the message is clear that the NGOs have to play an active role to uplift the conditions of the people with disabilities in India. Indeed, with their help, a large count of disabled people could beat their impairments and achieve their goal to stand out in life.


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