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How Are The Issues Of Children With Disabilities Being Tackled In India?
20May 2019

How Are The Issues Of Children With Disabilities Being Tackled In India?

According to the World Health Organisation and the World Bank, there are about one billion people who experience disability in some form or the other. Of those, its estimated that ninety-three to one hundred fifty million are children. These children hardly go to school compared to other normal children. As per a survey, it was found out that about ninety percent of these children who were from low & low-middle income nations did not go to any school. 
Issues of Children with Disabilities 
When these children with disabilities attend school in developing countries like India they are segregated in their institutions or are likely to leave school or drop out without even transitioning to the secondary school. They mostly face specific and ongoing barriers while getting themselves enrolled in the schools. It has also been found that children with disabilities have always been at a great risk of bullying and school violence preventing them from having a safe life while getting education. 
Special schools for children with disabilities 
In developing countries like India it has been since time immemorial that children with disabilities have been debarred from general education system of the society and placed in schools that offer special education. However, these special schools happen to be affiliated by the Department of Disability Affairs under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Government of India. The teachers appointed in these schools are qualified enough and work to develop for the social, cognitive emotional abilities of the children with disabilities. These schools even prepare their students for vocational skills keeping in mind their individual abilities and create the much needed environment that helps the students build confidence amongst themselves. Special education in these schools is provided on the basis of the particular needs recognised through assessment. The progress is monitored & reviewed constantly. 
Residential institutions for children with disabilities 
Sometimes, it has also been seen that they are segregated from their family members and put in residential institutions for long-term where they get education in isolation from the entire community. These kinds of home for children with disabilities do a great job. Children with disabilities from poor families come to these residential institutions to get intensive care and comprehensive services for their optimum development. Thanks to these institutions for not disheartening these underprivileged children of their expectations. They usually offer their service to children up to eighteen years of age and place them in a community arranging for them vocational as well as pre-vocational training programs. They also offer several types of activities based on their attitudes and abilities helping them to generate income. 
The Human Rights law seeks to tackle these issues of children with disabilities directly by putting obligations on the states to protect, respect & fulfil the right to education of the persons with disabilities through implementing 'inclusive education system.


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