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Everything You Need to Know about Community Based Rehabilitation
13Nov 2018

Everything You Need to Know about Community Based Rehabilitation

Promoted by WHO,  community-based rehabilitation mostly focuses on improving the quality of  living for disabled individuals through combined efforts of the people with disabilities, organizations and their families. The other factors include communities, relevant non-government and government education, health, social, vocational and other services. CBR has presently evolved to become the multi-sectoral strategy which empowers the individuals with disabilities to benefit and access from social services, health and employment. 

Programme Criteria 

The implementation and development of the CBR programmes must be in accordance with the criteria given below:
  • The individuals with disabilities should be included in the CBR programmes at every levels and stages, including initial programme implementation and design. For providing significance to the involvement, they should have distinctive decision-making roles. 
  • The main objective of the activities related to CBR  programme is to enhance the disabled people's quality of lives. 
  • CBR programme focuses on collaborating with communities in order to create positive approach towards the individuals with disabilities. It also motivate the community members to participate and support in the CBR activities. 
  • The goal of CBR programmes should be to offer assistance for individuals with all sorts of disabilities starting from mental and psychological to physical and sensory. Help should be provided to the individuals belonging to different age groups.      

The components of CBR programmes 

  •  Having a positive approach towards the individuals with disabilities.
  •  Provision of the functional rehab services
  •  Provision of training and education opportunities
  •  Creation  of macro and micro income-generation opportunities.
  •  Provision of long-term and day-care facilities.
  •  Prevention of the root causes of disabilities
  •  Evaluation, monitoring and management.
If you're looking for an organization arranging programmes for community based rehabilitation in India, you better conduct effectual research. Though it can be difficult to choose one among the wide-array of options, it is a must for you to invest both your time and effort to come up with the right decision. You can ask for recommendations or browse through the Internet to shortlist the names of the organizations that has earned positive reputation for providing top-notch rehab services. It is better to select the organization that works in collaboration with government agencies. 
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