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Does Your Child Have Learning Disability? Some Practical Parenting Tips
21May 2019

Does Your Child Have Learning Disability? Some Practical Parenting Tips

Does your child have learning disability? You may surely be worrying about how she/he will cope in school? But remember one thing – academic success is not everything. You need to give your child a happy as well as fulfilling life as well. With encouragement & right support, you can help your child build the much needed self-confidence and solid foundation for achieving success. 
Look from a bigger perspective 
All children require encouragement, love & support. And children who have learning disabilities can highly be benefited when such positive reinforcement is provided to them. They develop a strong sense of self-confidence, self-worth & determination for keeping things going even when everything is not in the right path. 
When looking for ways to help these children with disabilities, just remember one thing – you're looking for definite ways to help them help out themselves. As a parent, your job isn't to cure their disability but to offer them the much needed emotional and social tools that they require for overcoming their challenges in life. In long run, coping with these challenges may help your child become more resilient and grow stronger. 
Always remember as a parent that how you behave & respond to the challenges in your life would matter to your child a lot. It would have a great impact on him/her. A good attitude would definitely not solve all the problems that are associated with learning disability but would surely give your child the hope & confidence that things may improve and that they may succeed eventually. 
Training programmes for parents of children with disabilities 
There are many NGO for disabilities in India that aim to offer training to the families of persons with disabilities so that they can provide their children with adequate care. The training programs such as 'Sahyogi', a scheme under The National Trust, MoSJ&E, GoI, help the parents to get trained in care giving. Its a wonderful opportunity for the care associates and parents to be skilled in dealing with the disabilities of their children. These kinds of projects have helped a thousands of parents who has children with disabilities tackle their children properly. 
Some tips for parents
If you are a parent too who is having a child with disability, here are some important tips for you:
  • Give your child a lot of moral and emotional support 
  • Become your own expert and take charge in finding the tools that your child needs for learning as he/she suffers from learning disability 
  • Be an advocate for your children and embrace your role as a proactive one 
  • Approach the learning challenges with hard work, optimism & sense of humour allowing your child to embrace your viewpoint. 
Your child is not to be defined by his/her disability. Disability is only an area of weakness. Your child might be having a lot of plus points. Always focus on your child's talents and gifts and nurture all the activities that he/she excels & make a lot of scheduled time for them. 


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