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Disabled Population In India Still Remains Illiterate: Why?
28Mar 2018

Disabled Population In India Still Remains Illiterate: Why?

In India, it is often said that a person with disability is divinely blessed with unique gifts of their own. But does the current situation really go with the above statement? Considering the education and employment for disabilities in India, the ball game looks quite different. According to the recent study, 45 percent of the disabled population in India is illiterate. The free education movement in India (for ages 6 to 14) has made no major impact on the literacy rate. Among the entire illiterate population, majority of the group is comprised by special-needs children. Some of them don't even go to school.
So, what is the solution?
It is clear that policies and strategies must be tailored more cautiously considering the state of disabled children across India. Providing physical access is not the only elucidation. Therefore, trusts and organizations must go beyond the usual thoughts and pledge educational benefits to the special-needs children. It's a very important move for their future that also helps in their future employment. There still exist some really trustworthy home for children with disabilities in India that provide the appropriate platform for special needs children. They offer various facilities that include nutritional support, special education, medical services, vocational training, therapeutic support and many.
Keeping the future in mind
For a better and secured future of our country, we should look forward to provide universal access to education and equal opportunity for independent living. Actually, the primary problem lies in us. We only focus to provide the best physical access while prioritizing the bodily condition of the children. We have a tendency to help them without providing the appropriate platform from where they can stand on their own. 
Start with schooling
Like any other child, the beginning for special needs children must too, be the same. This means, proper schooling. Once they start receiving education, handling the lifestyle and society will be a lot easier. Considering the children's specialty, they too must be sent to special schools where they get education and the right treatment accordingly. Such schools must have rehabilitation facility for disabled people, provide formal education, professional training course and nutritional program.
Provide something new
New mindset proves to be invaluable for special needs children. It helps them to learn something in a different way. This logic is applicable for normal children too. Learning something in the same old manner makes it boring. On the contrary, newer methods give birth to innovative ideas along with loads of excitement.
Remember, special needs children are not in this world to get help forever. Rather, we should educate them uniquely so that they can earn their respect with their own potential.
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