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Consider These Important Tips Before Working With A Special Needs Child
12Feb 2018

Consider These Important Tips Before Working With A Special Needs Child

As the population of children with special needs continues to grow, you may have to communicate with them at some point of time if you haven't until now. Improper approach may make them feel depressed as well as traumatic. Thus, before spending time with them it is a good idea to know about certain tips regarding how to communicate with differently abled children amicably, as suggested by many an NGO for disabilities in India:
The biggest mistake that people make with a special needs child is failing to interact properly. Make sure not to ask any question. Disabled children generally hate too much questioning. You should approach with a polite conversation to make them feel like they are talking to a friend. Get yourself introduced and chat normally.
Some children with special needs become aware of sensory input in various ways and may sometimes be unable to express discomfort. Do not forget to keep a lookout for these differences and think about what the child’s behavior is communicating to you.
Use common sense
If you are trying to play with them, do not ever try to force to execute a specific task. Put safety first and arrange the environment accordingly for any kind of physical activity. Make them familiar with the task by including simple steps at the beginner level. If they need to relax, give them time to do so.
Be flexible
It is not easy to teach a child with special needs. Therefore, you need to include a variety of methods to help them with understanding and mastering new skills. If a differently abled kid refuses to leave his/her parents, bring them into the activity for a few minutes to reduce anxiety.
Be consistent
If a set of rules is presented to a group, apply those consistently to everyone. Do not favour someone based on specific needs. However, in special cases, change the rules only after taking permission from all the parents.
Have a plan
In the world of special needs, there must always be a master plan. Make sure that there is space to calm down and move freely if things go badly.  Plan several other tricks as a backup. Think about what each participant can do instead of focusing on what they can’t contribute.
If things go out of hand, consider to have a professional organization take care of the child with disabilities.


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