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Community Based Rehabilitation: Plan & Goals
10Apr 2020

Community Based Rehabilitation: Plan & Goals

The major role of CBR or Community Based Rehabilitation in India  is the support, implement, & promote all kinds of activities of rehabilitation at the community. Another role of CBR is to facilitate the referrals for accessing more specialized services of rehabilitation. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the plan & primary goals of Community Based Rehabilitation programmes in India.

What do you mean by CBR plans?

Community-Based Rehabilitation or CBR plans in India should be goal-oriented, realistic & person-centred as well. When making a plan for CBR, the preferences of the person, gender, age, home environment & socioeconomic status have to be clearly considered. Community-Based Rehabilitation is a very long journey. It always requires a proper vision with the short term goals. Unrealistic & improper rehabilitation plans can damage valuable resources. So, it's necessary to develop realistic plans.

What are the goals of CBR?

There are some goals that the CBR programmes in India need to achieve. The goals are discussed below.

Advocating & creating awareness:

The first goal of Community Based Rehabilitation programmes is creating & advocating awareness in the private & government sectors. In this way, people with disabilities get the same & equal rights to take part in every economic project as well as they can possess an ability to access services in microfinance, promotion & business advice.

Pre-vocational training:

Measures are generally implemented to assist schools & educational institutes to provide good quality education to persons with disabilities. Pre-vocational training helps to improve their basic knowledge besides developing the quality of theoretical education.

Vocational training:

All NGOs of disabled people and government bodies in India help to organise vocational training programmes to enhance the practical skills & knowledge of the people with disabilities in the community. Vocational training also improves self-employment & employment opportunities.


Scope for self-employment is another long term goal of CBR in India. Community-Based Rehabilitation programme targets to offer self-employment scope by taking some initiatives like business advice, microfinance & provisions for loans.


Last but not the least, mainstreaming of training programmes (existing) is a primary goal of CBR in India. This can enable the people with disabilities within the community to access as well as integrate into the inaccessible programmes for employment & vocational training.
Besides developing & improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, many NGOs for PWDs & governmental sectors in India have shown their efforts to detect disabilities early through physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, infant stimulation & parent counselling.


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