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CBR In India: Training, Development And Desirable Outcomes
30Apr 2020

CBR In India: Training, Development And Desirable Outcomes

Community Based Rehabilitation or CBR is an approach & concept that helps people with disabilities within the community. The major role of this approach is to support & implement the activities of rehabilitation at the level of community. Community-Based Rehabilitation programmes are very essential for Indian society. This blog mainly focuses on the training & development and desirable outcomes of CBR in India.

Training & development

From any personnel of the identified agencies, one person is generally selected. After that, he or she will be trained as CBR coordinator for the particular agency. After the training, these trainees or coordinators come back to the specific areas for doing a survey. They also study & research disabilities and then they build a proper understanding of the present scenario of the community & services. These all come under the first module & the second module includes:
Programme management
Cooperation with other sectors
Record maintenance
Understanding of problems & issues
Clinical & mental support 
In the Community Based Rehabilitation programme in India, the role of these trainees are highly essential. Over time, they become the main cadre for the project developments. These persons also coordinate with other partner agencies & trainers.  

What are the desirable outcomes of CBR in India?

There are 5 most desirable outcomes of CBR or Community Based Rehabilitation in India. They include involvement in rehabilitation development, proper understanding, promised services, availability of resources, proper training & support.

Involvement in rehabilitation development:

Through the community based rehabilitation programme, every person with a disability receives the assessments. They are also properly involved in rehabilitation development plans. 

Proper understanding:

People with disabilities or PWDs and their every family members clearly understand the major roles & responsibilities of the community-based rehabilitation programme. They also get accurate & proper information about the CBR services available within the community.

Promised services:

Persons with disabilities or PWDs are generally referred to the specialised & major rehabilitation services. They are also ensured that all these services will surely fulfil their needs & requirements. The basic services of rehabilitation are mainly available within the community.

Availability of resources:

The resource materials help to support every rehabilitation activity within the community. They are always available for the CBR coordinators, persons with disabilities and their families.  

Proper training & support:

Last but not the least, every CBR coordinator gets appropriate & proper training, support & education. As a result, they can properly involve in rehabilitation activities and take care of persons with disabilities within the community.
The methodology, aim and mission of Community Based Rehabilitation is also very unique. The CBR programmes always support persons with disabilities with necessary activities & services to make their life better. 


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