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Asha Bhavan Centre  Spreads Awareness About Disability Issues  through the AGP Scheme
20Sep 2019

Asha Bhavan Centre Spreads Awareness About Disability Issues through the AGP Scheme

Awareness Generation and Publicity (AGP) Scheme  is an umbrella scheme for implementation of Persons with Disabilities, Act, 2016 (SIPDA), Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. It was initially launched in 2014 and was revised in FY 2015-2016 for simplifying and enhancing its objectives, scope, eligibility etc for broad basing the implementation for effective and better outcome. 
Aims of the AGP Scheme 
a) To provide publicity through events and different media to the programmes and schemes being run by the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India and State Governments for the well-being of the PWDs including their economic, social & educational empowerment. 
b) To form an environment for social inclusion of the PWDs in different fields of life by offering equal opportunities, social justice and equity & to ensure confidence development in the PWDs allowing them to realise their desires. 
c) To notify all the stake holders including the civil society and PWDs about the lawful rights of the PWDs as mentioned in the international conventions, constitution, PWD Act 1995 & other subordinate legislation(s).
d) To support volunteer action enduring effectual implementation of the lawful provisions as well as the welfare schemes meant for PWDs.
e) To sensitise the business organisations on the special needs of the Person with Disabilities. 
f) To increase awareness & sensitise society with emphasis on rural and remote regions, on causes that leads to disability & prevention by early detection. 
g) To create content for rehabilitating different kinds of disabilities. 
h) To give financial support for effectual grievance redressal, helplines and International and National events organised by popular NGO for disabilities in India
i) To facilitate development of facilities conducive to recreation of the Persons with Disabilities
j) To encourage activities for economic empowerment of the PWDs such as campaigns, job fairs, skill development awareness etc. 
k) To support spreading the awareness of universal accessibility by making a barrier-free and enabling surrounding, which including accessible transport, accessible buildings etc. 
l) To increase individual excellence and relevant activities in disability sector.
Approach and Policy of the Scheme 
The scheme’s approach is to: 
a) To aware people through social media sites 
b) Maintain accessible website etc. 
c) Conduct workshops, seminars, fairs, cultural activities, exhibitions, fairs etc directly or through socially active organisations
d) Participate in the international and national initiatives in the disability sector
e) Coordinate and consolidate efforts in the disability field by various organisations and departments
f) Conduct surveys, studies and evaluate programmes on the special needs of the PWDs
g) Provide financial assistance to parents organisations’, self-help groups etc. Working for community welfare and social good
h) Support PWD activities like showing of their programmes on TV 
i) Organise special events, celebrations etc.
Organisations Who are Eligible 
The kinds of organisations that are eligible include self-help groups, CBR organisations, self-advocacy and advocacy organisations, parents and community organisations working to mobilise and bring change in the social attitude, organisations working for social isolation eradication and support services to PWDs. 
Parts Admissible for Help Under the AGP Scheme 
The components admissible for help under the AGP scheme include establishment of a help line to counsel PWDs online, developing content, publications & new media, organising national events, partaking in international initiatives and supporting different schemes organised by self-help groups or NGOs. 
Asha Bhavan Centre Arranged a Programme on Awareness Generation and Publicity Scheme
Recently on August 29, 2019, Asha Bhavan Centre, an NGO for disabilities in India organised a programme to spread awareness about various disability issues through Awareness Generation and Publicity Scheme under the DEPwDs Govt. of India. The programme was in collaboration with District Social Welfare Section, Office of the District Magistrate and Collector, Howrah, Government of West Bengal. It was a day long programme, which was held at the NGO’s head office campus in Kathila, Uluberia. 
People who attended & graced the program were: 
0) Mr. Debabrata Chattaraj, I.A.S. , State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of West Bengal
1) Mrs. Deepa Banerjee, Principal, Mentaid Special School
2) Mr. Pinaki Gupta, District Social Welfare Officer, Howrah
3) Ms Madhumita Banerjee, Senior Faculty, Bikashyan
4) Mr. Ajoy Das, Teacher, Ananda Bhavan Deaf & Blind School
5) Sabita Bhakta Pry. School, Block, Panchayati and Municipality level representativeMr. Inamur Rahaman and Mr. Nirmal Jana, the councilors of Uluberia Municipality, CDPO
6) Mr. Swapan Chetel, Teacher
7) Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan)
8) Parents of CWDs
9) Media personnel
A job fair was also arranged by Flipkart,  the renowned e-commerce enterprise, in the programme. The biggest online store interviewed a lot of PWD candidates who were interested in seeking a job. Ultimately 17 candidates were short listed as per their ability and qualification. 
The programme was very successful. Asha Bhavan Centre was in fact very happy to have organised the programme 339 people attended it. The NGO would host many such programmes in near future for giving publicity to this scheme of the Government and educating the PWDs as well as the civil society on the legal rights of the Persons With Disabilities. 


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