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A Brief Overview of the Role of Education in Rural Development
31Oct 2018

A Brief Overview of the Role of Education in Rural Development

Rural development involves both greater social transformation as well as economic betterment of individuals. The continual growth in the field of Indian economy persuades the government to fasten the development process in all possible branches of education system. Owing to the fact that half of India's population resides in villages,  education system  in the rural areas  play a huge contribution in economic growth. 

Suggestions for Enhancing Rural Education 

  • The education curriculum in the rural areas of India needs to be upgraded and should include chapters related to gardening and farming.
  • To draw the attention of more students and to ensure they have that enthusiasm for learning, some visual aids like television and projectors can be   used. The educational movies can indeed be a smart move to increase the knowledge of students in an entertaining manner.
  • The teachers should always be motivated that by imparting education in remote or rural area, they are providing the helping hand in a country's development.         
  • Some special classes or sessions should be conducted for parents in order to make them comprehend the importance of education for the children.
  • With the purpose of appreciating efforts, scholarships such as books or gifts must be given to the ones who perform quite well in their respective classes. 

Government Initiatives 

1. Lok Jumbish Project

This project has nearly 75 blocks approximately covering 12 million of the entire population. Lok Jumbish collaborate well with NGOs, teachers and government agencies to promote awareness about and universalization of rural education. The project mostly works on 7 guiding principles including:
  • Leadership on multiple levels
  • Management Flexibility
  • Integration with mainstream education system
  • Decentralized functioning 
  • Participatory learning 
  • Partnerships
  • A procedure than the product approach. 

2. Shiksha Karmi Project

This project aims at the qualitative improvement and universalization of rural education in remote   and backward villages of Rajasthan. SKP mainly focuses on girl education with assistance from SIDA. 
If you're keen to gain more information on the rural education in India, you can browse through the Internet and consider reading relevant write-ups. You can contribute by leaving your views on the comment section regarding the measures that should be taken to improve the quality of education in rural India. 
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