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7 Criteria of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme in India
05Nov 2019

7 Criteria of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme in India

Community-based rehabilitation or CBR is a plan of action in community development for equalisation of the opportunities, social integration of all the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and rehabilitation. In India, it is executed through the joint efforts of the persons with disabilities themselves, the members of their families and communities, and proper education, vocational, social and health care services. 
The development as well as implementation of the Community-based rehabilitation programmes must be based on these criteria: 

Improvement in the quality of the life of PWDs

The main objective of the CBR programme is improving the quality of the life of PWDs.

PWDs should be included  at every stage and level

PWDs should be included in the CBR programmes at every stage and level, including the initial design of the programme as well as its implementation. To give importance to their participation, the Persons with Disabilities should have definite decision-making roles. 

Creating a positive attitude towards the PWDs 

An emphasis of the CBR programme activity is to work with the community for creating a positive attitude towards the PWDs and motivate the members of the community to support and get involved  in the CBR activities. 

Offering assistance to people who require special assistance 

Other focus of the CBR programmes is offering help to PWDs (sensory, physical, psychological & mental); people of different ages including old ones; people with leprosy, epilepsy and all others who are considered by the community as requiring special assistance. 

Should be flexible

CBR programmes should be flexible so that they may operate at local level & within local conditions. There shouldn’t be only a model of the Community-based rehabilitation because economic and social contexts & various requirements of the individual communities would need varying solutions. Local, flexible programmes are going to ensure community participation and result in different programme models that are suited for several places. 

Should be sensitive to the situations of women and girls

All the activities in the CBR programmes should be sensitive to the situations of women and girls.  The reason to it is that in several communities in Asia & Pacific region women aren’t treated equally. They are mainly the primary care-givers in the family for all PWDs. Moreover, when women are disabled, the problems they face are doubled. 

Should coordinate service delivery at local level

CBR programmes should coordinate service delivery at local level. The members of the community  seldom interpret the various roles & specialisations, which are part of offering assistance to PWDs. They tend to see only the issue of disability. They should emphasis on where to visit and who to see for a specific issue, rather than comprehending what exactly constitutes a fully satisfactory life for a  member of the community who is affected with disability.  
The approach to CBR is basically multi-sectoral & includes governmental as well as non-governmental services that offer assistance to the communities. A lot of services that may offer opportunities for as well as assistance to the PWDs aren’t traditionally regarded relevant to the CBR programmes & PWDs. Examples include agricultural extensions, water & sanitation programmes and community development organisations. 


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