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5 Eminent Ways for Upgrading the Rural Education System in India
28Jul 2020

5 Eminent Ways for Upgrading the Rural Education System in India

Rural education might be disadvantaged because of the geographical locations and dearth of resources, but taking up initiatives to solve the issue will eliminate a great part of illiteracy. 
It has been quite a few years that the complaints regarding the education system in rural areas for not being organized, systemized, and in the right shape as it should have been.  But as education is among the benchmark of India's progress, so a few organizations have come forward to boost the rural education in India.
i. Promoting Free Education
Rural education in India has been made free for the literacy rates to inflate. When the rural setup schools will be free of cost, the parents will encourage their children to attend schools. The burden of bearing education fees gets lessened.
ii. Establishing More Education Centres 
Government undertaken initiatives for establishing more affordable schools and the places of learning have served as the solution to remove illiteracy. Not only for the children but for the adults as well, there are the learning centers set up to boost rural education in India
iii. Working on School’s Infrastructure
Lack of proper infrastructure has caused suffering to the rural education setups, and mainly it had to do with the non-trained teachers. But now, the teachers are recruited after being trained. Their knowledge is monitored and tested and then given the chance to teach at the schools. Special attention is given to the student-teacher ratio so that the teachers can pay attention to the students. Even developments are made on the school infrastructure where the students can enjoy learning.
iv. Bringing in Innovative Teaching Methods
Newer teaching methods have given way to make learning more interesting and student-friendly as a part of rural education. Other than plain instructions, the students are encouraged to participate in group discussions, make trips to learn from communities so the knowledge is not limited. 
v. Promoting Computer Literacy
Introducing computer lessons and computer classes has helped to boost the students' interest to attend schools. It has even solved the purpose of technological education among children and elders.
After the Government undertaken initiatives, a few NGOs have come forward to extend their hands and rebuild the future of rural education in India. But growing awareness, eager participation to remove illiteracy rates, encouraging to read and infrastructure improvements will go a long way to keep the rural education at par with urban education. 


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