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4 Ways to Improve The Quality of Rural Education in India
07Sep 2020

4 Ways to Improve The Quality of Rural Education in India

India is an economically growing country across the world but it's really unfortunate that the quality of the rural education system in India is always neglected. The pedagogical innovations, as well as technologies, are only used for improving the quality of education in metro & urban cities. However, there are several ways to fix this problem. Let's find out 5 effective ways to improve rural education in India.
Involves permanent qualified teachers
Non-permanence of qualified teachers is a common problem of the rural education system in India. In remote & rural areas, the schools are mainly operated by the Government. In these schools, non-permanent teachers & non-teaching staff are appointed for teaching purposes. As a result, the quality of education is disrupted badly. These teachers are not able to teach students due to lack of experience & skills. So, to fix this problem, permanent & qualified teachers should be employed as early as possible.
Reduces the absenteeism rate
Blatantly absent of teaching staff is also a big problem of the rural education system in India. Due to the lack of transport facilities and lower pay scale, the rate of absenteeism is still increasing. As a result, the growth of education is hampered. The students aren't also getting high-quality education from the teaching staff & not attending the classes properly. To fix this problem, the mode of transportation should be developed and basic transportation facilities must be provided to the teachers.
Improves teacher training
We have already discussed above that inexperienced teaching staff are appointed in the rural schools. These teachers are not well-trained and qualified. This is one of the common problems of the rural education system in India. Due to improper training, the newly joined teaching staff are not able to provide proper education to the students. However, this problem can be solved by enhancing the quality of teacher training. The process of teacher training should also be developed.
Increases pay scale
Last but not the least, minimum allowance & lower pay scale both are major reasons to hamper the rural education system in India. Teachers and non-teaching in rural schools are generally paid a lower salary and minimum allowance. Apart from that, basic transportation fees can not be provided to them. If the pay scale & basic allowance are increased, the problem will be solved. 
Problems in the rural education system in India are common. However, they can be fixed very easily. Fortunately, many non-governmental organisations in India start taking initiatives to reduce this problem and to improve the quality of the rural education system.


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