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Subhadra Bhowmick

Subhadra Bhowmick

Subhadra Bhowmick finding opportunity beyond the wall of barrier

It is revealed that physical disability sometimes can do wonder. And one of the sparkling instances is Subhadra, a girl who has no hand right from her birth due to acute congenital problem. She lives with her parents at Shreerampur village under Howrah district. But her journey was full of hardship. In tender age she was ignored and deserted by her family and sent to the maternal grandmother’s house. Her mother, the only earning member was fainted with lots of trouble to bear the expenses of her mentally challenged husband as well as primary needs for survival.

Her challenging journey starts from her home and impoverished in Asha Bhavan Centre when she was staying in Asha Bhavan Centre in 2005 and that was capitalized years onwards under Dominique Lapierre Centre of Excellence for Disabled through community Based Rehabilitation programme. She received educational and co-curricular support to be a self-dependent in life. Gradually she was improving herself and build up confident that she has capabilities to make own identity. By her two legs she can do everything that a normal human being can do. But we get amazed when we see how beautifully she fills the canvas with colourful imagination.

She starts to believe that she is not disable but a girl having different ability. And her soulful effort brings her the recognition of Role Model and was awarded by ‘The Excellency Governor’ of West Bengal on 3rd December, 2011 for the dedicated challenge for existence. And really it was the moment to cherish for all the community people, her peers and staff members of Asha Bhavan Centre. Now she has completed her graduation from C.U and wants to establish herself as a painter. But the financial crisis and poor status build a large barrier in front of her ambition. Asha Bhavan Centre always tries to blossom a life into a complete child providing minimum support in respect of easy accessibility of her own places.

Considering her felt need we have stretched our supportive hands to mobilize her creativity, higher education with the construction of her shelter .Hope our initiative and co operation promote an opportunity for her to open the door towards independency. We wish wholeheartedly that all her dream come true and she will achieve success in all aspects of life.