Accessibility Features

The website of Asha Bhavan Centre has been embedded with multiple accessibility features to make it easier for persons with disabilities to browse our content without experiencing any hassle or difficulty.

  • Custom Text Size - This option allows a user to change the font size of the pages of our site by using the sizing icons provided on each page or with the help of the browser.
  • Contrast Adjustments - Contrast adjustments are particularly useful for people with visual disabilities like colour blindness or low vision, or learning impairments. We have made various contrast schemes available, including white on black, white on black, black on pale yellow and white on blue.
  • Alternate Text - This is a small description of any image, offered specially for users having visual disability. In case, the image display of a browser is off or not available due to text-support only, the alternate text would provide info about the picture in its absence.
  • Consistent Navigation Mechanism - A consistent presentation style and navigation means has been integrated in the website all throughout.
  • Skip to Main Content - Due to the presence of this feature, users of screen reader and keyboard can directly go to the main content without using recurrent navigation links.
  • Descriptive Link Text - Rather than using phrases like Click Here or Read More, brief descriptive text offers a small description of any link using descriptive and coherent phrases.
  • Headings - The content of our webpages has been organised with suitable headings & subheadings to offer a hassle-free readable layout.
  • Icons - Icons serve as supplements for texts to make information easily comprehensible for visitors having learning impairments. The icons are accompanied by important features like email, print, etc. and also text labels.
  • dentification of File Size & Type - Details regarding alternate file types like Excel, PDF, Word, in addition to the file size are given in link text for assisting visitors in identifying the same. Apart from that, icons for distinct file types are also present with the links.
  • Large Print - The webpages have option of large print to allow senior citizens and low vision individuals print the pages with large font.
  • Page Titles - Each webpage has a suitable page title to make it easier for users to understand what the page content is about.
  • Table Headers - Table headings are associated and marked with the corresponding cells for every row, which allows easy access to the screen reader.
  • Table Summary & Caption - Table captions serve as labels for indicating the data given in a table. Besides that, the summary offers description that can be read by the screen reader.