What Makes Asha Bhavan Distinct

  • We believe there is some basic characters in formation and carry forward the relationships within the organization and outside the organization, which makes Asha Bhavan Centre distinct.
  • ABC builds relationships of trust among management and donor, management and staff, staff and beneficiaries through both character and competence.
  • ABC involves people in the communication process to create the goals to be achieved. If people are involved in the process, they psychologically own it and ABC creates a situation where people are on the same page about what is really important—mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • ABC does not allow any conflict between what the organization says is important and what the organization measures. For instance, many times organizations claim that people are important but in fact the structures and systems, including accounting, make them an expense or cost center rather than an asset and the most significant resource.
  • ABC inspires trust and shares a common purpose with aligned systems that empowers people. People’s talent is released so that their capacity, their intelligence, their creativity, and their resourcefulness is utilized.


Message from Founder
  • Message from Founder

    ABC has built a strong bondage with Action Pour les Enfants Des Lepreus De Calcutta, Les Amis Des Villages Du tiers Monde (AVTM), Lumilo Foundation, Association Sari, Association Asha Bengal, Association Miblou, Association Espoir Nord, Association Espoir, Pierre Jacot, Eric Joseph, Maria Moreno, Gabrielle Brydon, Marie Rose Balcar, Maria Victoria, Concern India Foundation, MSTC, ONGC, Coal India, SAIL, HPCL, Nokia, Shoppers Stop, All India Marwari Mahila Samity, Indian Overseas Bank,  etc. for extending services to the poorest of the poor....

Message from Dominique Lapierre
  • Message from Dominique Lapierre

    Dear Brothers and Sisters from our beloved Asha Bhavan Center.

    It is once again a great privilege for me to send you from France my warmest blessings and my deepest gratitude for the exceptional work accomplished in our beloved Center for excellence. We shall soon visit....

Message from beloved Brother Gaston Dayanand
  • Message from beloved Brother Gaston Dayanand

    Annual Blessings 2011-12 From Your Dada


    To build up a Centre of Excellence. I personally think that you are on the way to achieve this target of Excellence according to the proper spirit of development, which is: Real dedication for the physical, mental and socio-spiritual progress of the needy person.....


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D.Ed.Spl.Ed.(MR) course academic session 2016-2017 class will start on 21st July,2016. Students of D.Ed.Spl.Ed.(MR) course academic session 2016-2017 are requested to attain this class on 11.00 a.m. in Kathila Campus.

To get the list of all admitted students of our D.Ed. Spl. Ed (MR) courses 2016-2017 Teacher's Training College click here.


  • Eugenio Gil

      I am very sad to leave ABC. I have loved this experience, spending time with child and all staff. I hope to see you soon....
    Eugenio Gil - Spain

  • Deb Kumar Bhattacharya , DSWO, Howrah

      Excellent! I visited the organisation along with DCPO & Bablu Das (DA). I simply want to convey my heartfelt thanks to all members of the or...
    Deb Kumar Bhattacharya , DSWO, Howrah - India

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