Thank you so much for your welcome, I was happy to finally meet all of you. hope to see you as soon as possible. .

Aude Vetter - France

After 3 years (last time I came in India), I’m very proud of you and all what your team has done. Congratulation for all your prize. With all my respect .

Matthieu Jeanpierre - France

Onek Onek Donnobat for this 6 wonderful month with all of you..

Reneaume Camille - France

Three years after it is such a joy to be back and to see the school and all this wonderful work. Thank you so much..

Marie- Joseph Conchon - France

Thank you for your hospitality. The time we stayed with you was really marvelous. See you soon!.

Maria Luisa Pedrasini - Switzerland

As always, a very joyful with a home coming for which I thank you very warmly..

Kathryn Spink - England

What an achievement all is beautiful and the children are so happy..

Michele Migone - Italy

I spend a beautiful time with this big family, congratulations for everything you are doing. Thank you..

Elena Mottis - Switzerland

Thanks a lot for the welcome in this beautiful structure, helping children becoming adults in a good condition..

Granottier Anne Marie - France

Excellent! I visited the organisation along with DCPO & Bablu Das (DA). I simply want to convey my heartfelt thanks to all members of the organisation. They are doing a splendid job towards all round betterment of the differently abled children of the society. I wish their all success..

Deb Kumar Bhattacharya , DSWO, Howrah - India

Its been a pleasure to visit ABC. Great perfect and wonderful services are planned for the most priviledge of Society. Yes these kids deserve the best and that is what ABC is providing. May God reward all of you the Director and staffs for your dedicated service, Mission & Vision God bless you all..

Sister Jonafa, Missionaries of Charity - India

“ I spent 6 amazing months. ABC do a beautiful work with the children and for support the other community. It was a very good experience for me. I’m sure that everybody will continue to follow the way, with our beautiful family. See you soon”. .

Sophie Albert - France

This have been my first experience in India and in ABC and I am very happy and very surprise about how you work with the children. If I can I will come every year. Thank you..

Luis Baena Hellmund - Spain

This has been a great experience to know how is possible to develop professionally a project. In ABC works a great team with the unique purpose to improve the life of the people that needs more..

Mercedes Lopez Molina - Spain

This is my first visit to ABC and I am so happy & impressed to see the work. I congratulate all the Team member for wonderful job..

Rajdeep Kumar, Mobility India - India

I am touched to see so many children with disability are getting comprehensive rehabilitation including P & O. Our graduate are doing good job. Well done ! keep it up ! Congratulation for getting award. You deserve..

Ritu Ghosh- Mobility India - Bangalore, India

Excellent to see the kind of consistency and commitment the centre has about PWDs. It was lovely to meet all of you after such a long period..

Anil Singh, ICRC - ICRC

Great Institution, model of comprehensive approach. Congratulation!.

Demetria Rosario, ISPO Rehab Consultant -

I had a wonderful time. Great experience. Children are very nice! Thank you very much! I hope to see you again..

Citus over de Linden - France

In one year I saw such a progress for staff and also children! Continue being ambitious and motivated. Thanks---- you again.

Baukje over de Linden - France

ABC is a wonderful project. We take more than what we came to give. Children & staff incredible. Didis & Dadas 4 ever in our heart..

Paloma Casas - Spain

I will never forget the wonderful month in aBC, best experience in my life. Everyone so kind, thank you so much!! ABC BALO !!.

Marta Arboli - Spain

Thank you very much for your welcoming in ABC. We spend good time in ostheopathy with the children and the staff. I will keep all smiles. I hope to come again! Merci. .

COUDRAY Isabelle - France

So mach things to do here, so much people to meet, I enjoyed the time in ABC, and your opened- minded ! You welcomed ostheopathy, you trusted us. Thank you. Hoping that you will be welcome in France as I was in India, take care and Courage !.

DIDIER Agathe - France

Time goes too. Just in ABC…… I will never forget these 6 months, full of nice people, special moments and lovely children. Go on making this wonderful work. Already planning to come back. See you soon and Take Care..

Karmele Gil - France

It is a great joy to see the work for the last, least and lost children of God by the ABC centre. It is God’s children and God’s work. All are with smiling face and that is the greatness of the centre. May God bless all the inmates and staff..

Father T.J.Thomas- Paresh Priest- Raghabpur - India

Such an experience! With a lot smile, faces, hands, kinds, adults smile and various feeling. Always in my mind and in my heart. It’s a life lesson in ABC centre.Perhaps come later to see how people and children evolve and change. What they become in the future..

Farigoule Vincent - France

What a great experience!!! As soon as I arrives, I immediately felt like being at home, thanks to the helpfulness and kindness of all the staff. I know I will soon come back and it helps me a lot not to feel sad to leave even if I believe my first days away from ABC will be hard. I learned a lot during those three months and I really look forward to come back to share magical moments with the children and everybody here..

David Caloz - Switzerland

I am very sad to leave ABC. I have loved this experience, spending time with child and all staff. I hope to see you soon..

Eugenio Gil - Spain

    My dear Sukeshi, Papu and Chubo I am very impressed by all the work achieved with your fabulous team” family in ABC for all the programs! I’m sure this will go on for a long, long time! We will try to do as much as possible to help you with AVTM for education projects. Your old friend- Francoise Recaimier.

Francoise Recaimier - France

  I was impressed with the working of the organization. I would be happier if the books and articles sponsored by us are put to extensive and meaningful use..

B.Bhowmik, AGM (P), CMO/SAIL Ispat Bhavan, Kolkata-71 - India

  Thank you very much for letting us live this great experience. The perfect organization and the warming staff have made our stay here much more happy than we could ever expect. Thank you very much to all the STAFF in Asha Bhavan for your hospitality. We will always remember you..

Pina de Paz - Spain

  I spend a very good time here in ABC, most of my time in workshop, so much work!!! Thank you for your kindness!.

Rosalie Nardin - Switzerland

  Inspirational in every way. Thank you all..

Caroline Weldon - England

  It has been a wonderful day with you and all the children. You have to be very “Proud” of what you are doing, and I am very “Proud” of what you all are doing. All the team of “City of Hope and Joy Foundation” is impose and we would like to tell you “Continue and we will try to come back soon “Congratulations” and lots of love..

Maria Moreno - Spain

  You will be always in my heart. I hope to come back soon. This is the best experience I ever done in my live..

Ines Ortiz Estefanell - Spain

  We enjoyed to see all what is done for the children in ABC. We appreciated to share the different moments with children (prayer, game, training……..). Children are so nice, It’s a great experience of human action..

Christine and Judicael - France

  Today, I came at ABC and had a visit throughout the campus. I found different unit of ABC and felt extremely glad to mention that their efforts to perform a noble work mainly in the field of PH children is beyond any question. All level staff and workers involved in this performance are highly sincere and trying to keep the whole area healthy and sound. Their future plan is also highly praiseworthy. I wish every success of this organization. Heartiest thanks to the founder and all..

Sajal Kr. Ghosh Block Welfare Officer Uluberia, II, Howrah - India

  Thanks very much for the Excellency and Compassion of your work with the children..

Fr. Paulino Gonzalez - Switzerland

  Passed a very good time. Thanks a lot!.

Suncica Case - Switzerland

  After having spent a few weeks here it has been unexpected as I had planned. Just a few days, children really captivated me and now they occupy a place in my heart. Very thankful for everything. I hope to come again soon..

Javier Vegas - Spain

  Amazing! I hope I’ii visit it again . The dedication and to work for the special needs really astonished me. This experience will remain in me forever..

Sujata Guha District Inspector, Kolkata - India

  An unique experience, let the opportunity to visit ABC repeats itself..

Pradip Kumar Barui Asst. Director Director of Social Welfare Government of West Bengal - India

After 6 months with you, the day is arrived. Thanks for make this fantastique experience possible, easy and feeling like at home. Follow this work, giving smile to the children and improving their life! .

Clara Ros Julia - Spain

  “You are doing a good work.” .

M Dolores Julia VLL - Spain

  “I like your work!”.

Jose Manuel Ros - Spain

  “Big structure with a lot of ♥.”   .

Jose Torres - Spain

  “I had very amazing experience hour in ABC of all of you. I hope to come back again and bring more of my and my knowledge. Keep your eyes brightening and your smile.  Too yours with Love.”.

Jose Certucha - Spain

  “I had an amazing experience in ABC, it was short but intense and very fulfilling. The staffs are incredible and were very nice with me. The children have demonstrated that you can be happy with very little. I have learned a lot here and for that I will always be thankful. I wish to come back soon. All my love and best wishes.”.

Ignacio Lopez Mancisidor - Spain

  “Thank you for all the great job that you are doing every day. And many thanks to Sukeshi and Suchandra for the treatment.”.

Javier Temes Fdez Ranada - Spain

  “It was just a great experience. The kids are wonderful and we enjoyed it a lot being with them. Thank you for everything. We will be back!! Love.”.

Silvia Perez - Spain

  “This is the one of the best experience in my life and I’m very impressed with the children, very nice and the teachers and staff. I love Asha Bhavan and congratulation to Sukeshi.”.

Javier Gimeno De Priede - Spain

  “Congratulation for the amazing job you are doing. Thank you for making us feeling like home and thank you for your incredible children! Hope to see you soon, Love.”.

Leticia Gimeno De La Hoz - Spain

  “I ‘m so impressed about the work you do. Go on and we will all help you. I love you all.”.

Baukje over de Linden - France

  “Congratulation for the great job doing in ABC for the children. We’ll do our best to help you getting them better and better! And thank you for your great welcoming.”.

Berenice Dechamps - France

  “All that is no given to childrens is lost for them.”.

Andres Calderon Sanchez - Spain

  “I am overwhelmed to see the activity of the centre. It is a life time opportunity. Great……”.

A.E.P Dukuria, ADIT, Kolkata - India

  “Continue with this important work and being a big family. We learn a lot of from you. Thanks everybody for your effort, work, company and love during these 6 months.”.

Maria Garcia - Spain

  “Our last day after 6 months working together with KDM. It was an incredible experience. Short, only 6 months but long, so intense that seemed like 2 years. Very courageous work from everybody, mainly housemothers! Thanks for everything to physios, workshop, office, Sukeshi, Papu. Always think of children. Good luck to everybody. See you again!”.

Hugo Esteban - Spain

“I am very much astonished to see the progress and achievement of the destitute physically and mentally children organized by Asha Bhavan Centre.”.

Kalipada Mondal, Member of Legislative Assembly, Shyampur - India

  “Their win in the field of handicapped welfare is satisfactory. They tried their level best for the betterment of the persons with disability. Activities of the management and staff of this NGO is good. I wish their every success in the work targeted for those people & for which God may bless them.”.

Santosh Kumar Deb, BWO, Uluberia-I - India

It was a great experience of life, we had here with you. Never could we forget all the pleasant moment enjoying with the child, working with the therapist or training the students. The work, you are making for the children is wonderful and we expect you will continue your improvement for their development. Already, we miss you..

Alexandre & Amelie - France

Thank you very much for your welcome in this wonderful and different country! It was our first time in India but sure we will repeat it! Thank you very much for all!!! I wish all of you my best wishes!!.

Goretti Ollo Uribe and Maria Saenz - Spain

Thank you very much for this sweet experience .Very nice and friendly staff..

Carlos Bernaldo De Quiros - Spain

Thank you for letting me sharing time with your children .It’s a great centre with great staff..

Maria del Carmen - Spain

Thank you very much for this great experience here in ABC.I will miss you all and I will try to come back!!.

Virginia Masso Gimenez Salinas - Spain

Thank you for your welcoming !ABC is a nice place with children’s joy full and smile of everyone !I I was impress of all the activities you do ,it’s a huge project .I congratulate you for this hard and long work and your ethic .It was a pleasure to see all this young children happy and meet ABC team!.

Lethellier Pauline - France

Thank you very much for your Hospitality!!.

Monserrat Munoz Chamarro - Spain

Unforgettable experience of our life-. Outstanding centre of excellence. Your work with the children is beautiful..

Francine Darvill - Sydney

Inspired!!! Just Amazing. I feel I am part of a new family.

Michael Brydon - Australia

Congratulations in excellence in vision, management love and support of children..

Gabrielle Brydon - Australia

Keep on doing the wonderful work you do!.

Anthony Kern - Switzerland

I came back after 2 years and half, and again for a very short time…But ABC has change so much! Thank you all for the quality of your partnership with me and KDM’s volunteers. I hope the next time I come, I will have more time to enjoy also with everyone (Rehabilitation therapists, Maya and Jogmaya, House mothers, workshop, childrens also…… And of course Suchandradi, Shyama Di, Sukeshidi, Papuda and Golamda, Shuvada and Shottuda…. all office staff, with whom I make so many meetings this time!) I hope all will follow the next year and half, with the same motivation and hard work together as a good team. It will be so helpful for the childrens! KDM is proud of your team and the work you already have made. Kub balo! Take care all. .

Cecile Bonnel, KDM - France

I can only be thankful for the opportunity provided .This wonderful experience has made grow as a human being and discover new horizons that I hope will help me see the big picture .I will certainly come back hopefully next year..

Francisco Javier Basabe Valor - Spain

This is a very nice place; where everybody tries to make happy the others and anyone in ABC does a very important work for the future of our loved challenged children .No doubt I’ll come back .Thank you!.

Ignacio Vallejo - Nagera Adan, Spain

This is a unique organization to provide the service to the M.R. Persons .They proper maintain care of this persons..

Liakat Ali, DSWO, Howrah - Westbengal, India

It is so great…………..Thank you very much for everything .You are so  incredible  including all the children and didi’s………See you soon..

Tim Baudin - Switzerland

Visited the organization today toward the selection of OYCA for the year 2008-09 at district level .I convey my best wishes for every success of their mission in future..

Pranab Kumar Roy District Youth Coordinator Nehru Yuva Kendra - westbengal, India

Impossible to write about ABC !I’m coming to help ,and It’s you to have helping me .My live in ABC is a revival  for me .I thank you my love for my love for my new life .This time with you, is the most beautiful of my life .I am standing 35 years to come back in India ,it’s a very long time ,I’ve a fabulous reward !To all of each ,ours children, the didi’s ,the dada’s .my family yours Aunty..

Sisi (Durga) Fardeau - Belgium

It was a nice meeting for me and so nice experience to work with so courageous children, the physio and the house-mothers! The cooker was like mother for us, little foreigners. Just one thing: Nobody can forget the first aim of this centre: the well care of the children! We must do our possible to help them .They are the most important .Thanks for that opportunity and I wish you the best for the future..

Marie Gilbert - France

You are doing a so nice job and a great investment for those children!!!They are adorable, always smiling, strong! Thank you for everything .Take care!!.

Sara Nguyen - Switzerland

I had 5 wonderful months with the children of ABC, What I say?!with my brothers  and sisters !I will never forget all the good and nice and beautiful moments I spend here !I know  that it’s only a “good bye” ,a “see you again” .Thanks to everybody .Thanks to the children!!! Good Luck! Namaskar.

Marie-Jeanne de Werra - Switzerland

Children so nice! But something things happen not really as we could have imagined .But these will be always a space in my heart for them let here..

Leslie Mueller - Switzerland

 Very impressed, especially for all the workers who do very good work!.

Xander and Barbara Van Meerwijk - The Netherlands

13 years later everything have change but the spirit remain same .Looking forward to come back “soon”!...Thank you for  such a warm welcoming..

Pierre Jacot - Switzerland

Thank you very much for these two weeks spending with you. I’m so happy to see how ABC and all your nice projects are going on. I’m sure you will have lots of success as you had already. Thank you for your welcoming. I wishes you all the best for your future project. With all my affection to ABC staff and children..

Nadia Murisier - Switzerland

Thank you very much for having the opportunity to live a week with you. The children will stay in our heart. Thank you in the name of “Voyage Partage” for the young people of Switzerland who can live here a very rich experience of life..

Joly Nelly and Michel - Switzerland

Organizers and staff are very cordial and helpful. The children staying in the home are happy. I wish all of them a success..

Narendra Nath Dutta Additional District Magistrate - Howrah

Thank you very much for your affectionate warm welcome to us. I saw children, staff and animals are very nice and respected. I pray to GOD for helping you now and always in the future..

Helene Bataillard - Switzerland

 I have learned a lot from the staff, for the children and so much more than I imagined. It has changed me. Thank you for everything- for your hospitality, warmth and for all I received..

Eusebia Da Silva - Canada

It is impossible to describe in a few lines all I have lived and learned here. ABC, the children and the staff, amar didis, dadas, bon or bais, have taught me or incredible lesson of love, friendship and generosity. The strength of the children to learn and be each day better the way they help each other, and the magnificent work that all the staff in ABC are doing for the poorest and the most vulnerable is impossible to forget. ABC is the proof that love and generosity can make a better world.But anyway this is only the start of what I hope will be a long relationship. So I will see you soon and in the meantime, I will do all I can to help in your wonderful job..

Lara Viada Lopez Pelegrin - Spain

Dear Pisima, papu Bhai and all the ABC family. Again, I spent a wonderful stay here. I am very happy to see the new team and new didi’s. You are working so hard for the poor and destitute people.It is really an example for us. We will try our best level to support your beautiful work. Thanks again for what you are doing so good. Take care. I will see you again soon. With all my love. Your small brother..

Fabian Meylan - Switzerland

What a wonderful work!.

Demey Fanny - France

Thanks to all ABC’s staff for their good job. Your job is making about this place a house of love and a home of hope for the future. Special thanks for Sukeshima and for the children. God bless you..

Virginie Bender - Switzerland

An admirable effort to serve the persons with disabilities. The arrangement is thorough. Attention on barrier free environment would add to the completeness..

Mr. Supriyo Gupta Commissioner (Disabilities) - Kolkata-700013 West Bengal