Success Story Of Purnima Dolui

Birthday : 8th October, 1988 [Age 28 year(s)]
Sex : Female
Disablity : Locomotor (70%)
Education : Higher Secondary
Present Status : Working as a data entry operator in Dominique Lapierre Home for Children with disabilities
Projects : DL Home for Children with Disabilities

Description :

Purnima is a orthopedically disabled women. She is working as a DataEntry Operator in Dominiqe Lapierre Home for Children with Disabilities for last two years. She is enjoying her life with happiness and confidence. She is a contributory member of her family.She gain respect from her family as well as from the neighbour, once who look upon her as invalid and disturbing eliment of the family. The friends As a result she is isolated day by day from the mainstream society.
One fine morning in the hot summer the evil days of Purnima was passed on when she got opportunity to stay at Asha Bhavan Centre's residential home for children with disabilities in the year 1999.

Purnima was born in a downtroden family in the corner of undivided Midnapore district. There was no such income earning opportunity to the landless. Her illiterate father was trying hard to feed her with 5 others by engaged himself as a seasonal daily labour. He work hard but unable to feed at least twice a day. So he decided to leave his native village with all family members for better earning. He started a teashop in the town which is far away from his village. He used to come home occasionally at the beginning. Latter he came very seldom and tried hard to earn as much as possible but all hopes were in vain. He returned to her native village and started to make waste paper packet. Purnima was grown with other children of Asha Bhavan Centre. She received therapeutic support for mobility and developmental support to survive in life. She completed her education with diploma in computer and serve Asha Bhavan Centre for the benefit of children with disabilities and all sort of activities of the organisation. She is
motivated and motivates the community members to form a forum of persons with disabilities. She is looking for the socialisation of isolated persons with disabilities.


Message from Founder
  • Message from Founder

    ABC has built a strong bondage with Action Pour les Enfants Des Lepreus De Calcutta, Les Amis Des Villages Du tiers Monde (AVTM), Lumilo Foundation, Association Sari, Association Asha Bengal, Association Miblou, Association Espoir Nord, Association Espoir, Pierre Jacot, Eric Joseph, Maria Moreno, Gabrielle Brydon, Marie Rose Balcar, Maria Victoria, Concern India Foundation, MSTC, ONGC, Coal India, SAIL, HPCL, Nokia, Shoppers Stop, All India Marwari Mahila Samity, Indian Overseas Bank,  etc. for extending services to the poorest of the poor....

Message from Dominique Lapierre
  • Message from Dominique Lapierre

    Dear Brothers and Sisters from our beloved Asha Bhavan Center.

    It is once again a great privilege for me to send you from France my warmest blessings and my deepest gratitude for the exceptional work accomplished in our beloved Center for excellence. We shall soon visit....

Message from beloved Brother Gaston Dayanand
  • Message from beloved Brother Gaston Dayanand

    Annual Blessings 2011-12 From Your Dada


    To build up a Centre of Excellence. I personally think that you are on the way to achieve this target of Excellence according to the proper spirit of development, which is: Real dedication for the physical, mental and socio-spiritual progress of the needy person.....