Education And Training Division

Asha Bhavan Centre works to provide comprehensive as well as special rural education and vocational support to disabled and underprivileged children from marginalized community in India.

With the belief that education without skill is like a journey without any destination, Asha Bhavan Centre even established a vocational training centre for the People With Disabilities. In this centre the PWDs are given the opportunity to develop their skill so that they are able to sustain themselves and become self-reliant in future.

The centre is totally equipped with all the required materials and trains staffs to carry out productive and effective training programmes. It organizes manpower development training in different aspects for upgrading the professional skill of its staffs.

The different education and training programmes that are undertaken by Asha Bhavan Centre include:

  • A chain of schools named BVM
  • DL Special Education
  • Supplementary Education Programme
  • Vocational Training Centre for PWDs
  • Human Resource Development Program


The main objective of this education and training division is to improve the socio-economic condition of the physically challenged children and disabled persons so that they gain equity, dignity and self confidence in life.