Management and Administration

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Asha Bhavan Centre is a Social Organization registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961. The highest decision making body is the Governing Body consisting of nine members. Day to day management of the programme is done by the Director of ABC in consultation with the Secretary and the President.

Sukeshi Barui, inspirational Founder and Chief Functionary of the Organization have been providing strategic leadership to the organization. Under her leadership, ABC has grown in stature over the years, reaching to the thousands of people in India.

The Programme Managers and Unit Heads are the top implementing body of the projects running in ABC by putting shape to the policies and strategic plans. They all are working as per advice of the Director. Team members are encouraged to improve their technical and management skills by participating in training workshops. Monthly and Quarterly meetings are conducted by the Unit Heads to share about the progress of the activities in presence of Director.

ABC Management is a team of professionals, Social workers and Technical Resource persons, who work as a team to ensure that overall goals and objectives are achieved. As of now, there are 7% PWDs, 56% women staff, who are committed to the vision of the organization reaching to the thousands and thousands of people in India.

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